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  1. California TopLift Pro

    Located in Walnut Creek, CA Pickup only $800 Sold the Jeep and no longer need it. I don’t login here as often anymore so emailing me would be the fastest. kevinjt90 at gmail
  2. Time to go snorkeling!

    That looks great. I don’t even see the gap anymore. I’ll be ordering one. Rugged Ridge can thank you haha.
  3. Time to go snorkeling!

    I just watched your video. The only thing holding me back is that damn cowl gap. In your video you mentioned that the gap can be eliminated with a friend pushing up on the cowl while it’s being tightened down. Would you happen to have a photograph of what it looks like installed with a friend...
  4. Anyone here have the Rugged Ridge AmFib Snorkel?

    I’m about to pull the trigger on one but the fit and finish on the cowl corner is killing me. I’ve seen a bunch of photos/videos and some fit are flush while others protrude out. can anyone real world owners here chime in on the fit and finish? thanks in advance.
  5. 2018 MOAB -- How much better should I be able to do? So Cal.

    I just bought a fully loaded 18 Rubicon JLU. MSRP was $58,055 and we agreed on $48k + tax and fees. I’m located in NorCal, not sure how that compares to SoCal. I think you can do better.
  6. How much cheaper should leftover 18 JL models on the dealer lot be worth now?

    Just bought a pretty much fully loaded ‘18 Rubicon JLU for $48k even. MSRP on it was $58k and some change. Got a little more than 17% off msrp! I couldn’t say no.
  7. Anyone own a Top Lift Pro?

    I don’t mind paying premium price for a quality product and actually shop for those items, however, I have a hard time swallowing the Top Lift Pro (TLP) $1000+ price tag. I’ve researched all the ceiling hoist, the freedom jack, and in my opinion, the TLP is by far the easiest and most...