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  1. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Gotcha, let us know if you hear any updates! I will my folks live in that area - so Ive got my dad keeping his ears open! I know I will be there as soon as it opens...gotta pick up some more carnage to justify my replacement parts lol
  2. Independence Day Blowout!

    Ah Marcus is still rocking on from the JK days - nice!
  3. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Nice jeep - well tell her to hurry up so you can play! lol Its anyones guess on that - Ive been waiting quite a while - I do think they had some groups do tests runs there but thats about all i know lol
  4. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    I do know there is another group heading down from Soo Canada with some JLs if you see a mojito there - his name is craig - real nice guy!
  5. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Well I will be up there from the 4th to the 7th - either will be at county park camping or off in the back country - Drummond is a fun time I believe this is my 12th trip if not more - if anyone goes there this weekend and sees a mojito rubicon (I will also have a power wagon with me) - flag me...
  6. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Well I ended up picking up the car hauler last night and heading to Drummond on thursday - ill be sure to snap some pictures - Ive no doubt it will be muddy as all heck - if anyone else is going to be up there this weekend send me a PM - Thanks
  7. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Howdy there - nice jeep!
  8. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Looks good - right now just playing the waiting game on some cash to proceed ahead with some mods - but certainly getting closer - just ended up ordering my ORV tags so I can head up to Drummond - hopefully get there before that huge Jeepend event - I just like smaller crowds - plus I know the...
  9. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Also what are some of the other forums - aka JL forums that people are on - just seems like not much traffic on this one...I just know from jk days I was on Pirates / JKforums / Jkowners -
  10. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    What lift did he end up running and 35s? Ive been toying with which lift I want to run - and tire and wheel combos - so far I am thinking 2.5" with 37s either Trailgrapplers like my JK or going to trepadors...Just still undecided - basically have 300 miles on it now and still getting used to...
  11. Northridge4x4 3.5" Rock Krawler Suspension Giveaway!

    ENTERED - Been missing my triple threat! :rock::rock::rock:
  12. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Just starting on the MODS now!
  13. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Hello fellow jeeper - I am frequent in these parts (rochester / auburn hills / dryden)
  14. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Hope its coming - what color did you order?
  15. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Yeah years ago we had a ton of trails up in the thumb around caseville port austin area - but the DNR shut that all down - I was one of the lucky ones that found out the hard way and got a ticket LMAO - Now its UP or bust for me.
  16. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Well howdy there! What jeep are you rocking now?
  17. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Glad to hear I didn't end up going the SXS route - my buddy had a CAN AM maverick and we ended up rolling it 3 times and after that I was just kind of over it - I really do like the Can Am defender though - may think about one of those for plowing the drive but still a pricey lttle toy. Do you...
  18. Review: B&M 6 Speed Precision Sports Short Shifter & Extended Transfer Case Shifter

    I guess once I get mine - I will have to drive it for a while and see if it really justifys the $260 spend or not - I never did one on my JK since it took forever for them to come out with one - and I never had an issue with that one - I just know in my trans am - I had a pro 5.0 shifter and...
  19. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Nice looking rig - I am assuming those are 37s? with slabs - what lift?
  20. ?Elusive Michiganders?

    Sounds pretty amazing - you will have to share photos from your trip - very intrigued to see where your adventures take you!