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  1. New York FS: Cat-back exhaust Diamond Eye $125

    Cat-back exhaust Diamond Eye. Stainless Steel. Exit in front of axle. Had it on vehicle for one day. Cold start was too loud for my enclosed driveway. I polished the tip. Sounds great, but cold start just too loud for my neighborhood. Connects to clamped joint right behind the cat. Can also...
  2. Iowa Hike It X9 Throttle Controller

    Received my controller. Mike sent it out with 2 day shipping. Thanks! It really improved throttle response.
  3. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs

    Drove as miserly as I could on my 25m drive from work. Was able to get 30.7
  4. Red Speaker Covers? Curious on buying some.

    The ones on Amazon are overlays. They attach to the existing covers with double sided tape. You do not need to remove anything.
  5. Red Speaker Covers? Curious on buying some.

    Front speakers are overly trim purchased from Amazon, the rear I taped and painted.
  6. Found JL Sport Fender LED option

    Do you have any pictures with all lights off? I'm curious how the smoked lens looks.
  7. Rear-ended: plastic bumper repair/help

    You are never going to be able to recreate that pebbly finish. The best you can do is trim all the rough sharp edges so the scratches blend in a little better.
  8. Do we have to run premium?

    I think this is what is missing: Will the average car gain power by putting in a higher octane gasoline? No. If the car is made to run on 87 and it does not knock with 87, you are just wasting money. Will a car that is design to run on a range on octane gain power with a higher octane? Yes, if...
  9. ODB Jscan available for JL

    Ambient lighting requires LED bulbs and wiring that don't exist in the Sport model and I think Willy's also
  10. 【JEEP 探索俱乐部】放一盏孔明灯,祈祷平安幸福

    Google Translation: [JEEP Exploration Club] Sky Lantern, Prayer Heian Happiness ĴEEP Exploration Club From the heart "JEEP life" It's a quaint visitor. : Loud laughter: Proactive, voluntary activity Kichifusha Japanese delicious food ... 您 肨 軀 仈? At present, it is a participatory jukai. ...
  11. Easiest way to tap into ambient lighting?

    The wires went too deep into the dash, and I didn't have the motivation to dig deeper. 8-(
  12. Going in for clutch recall - should I remove skid plates?

    I think you answered your own question. If you have the ability to take them off, and there is the possibility they can mess them up when they take them off or on; I would do it. The only times damage was done to my vehicle was when someone other than myself was working on it; (because I didn't...
  13. Electric steering self-centering?

    Mine does the same but for right hand turns. If I am not going slow, I have to manually pull it back to center to avoid driving up a curb. Does not happen on left hand turns. I plan on returning to the dealer to address.
  14. The great octane debate: 2.0 Turbo owners - What grade gas do you use?

    Today's modern computer controlled engines are able to run on multiple octanes because they are learning. When engine behavior indicates lower octane it will retard timing and other factors to deal with the lower octane. This will also lower performance. Putting in higher octane will allow the...
  15. Found JL Sport Fender LED option

    And I thank you for that!! Just saw that AliExpress added a Free Returns feature to their offerings. Allows you to ship a item back for free to a local US address for a refund; instead of shipping back to China. May have to bite the bullet!
  16. Found JL Sport Fender LED option

    These look to be the ones I was following on Aliexpress. I couldn't get them to show me a photo of them installed in a Sport; all their photos (and all the other similar listings) showed a Rubicon; so I didn't take a chance...
  17. Newbie question about the spare on the back of the Wrangler

    What you are getting is a spare tire that does not have dry rot; being out and exposed to the sun is going to deteriorate the tire, and a matching spare if you do not replace your 4 tires with the OEM model. For myself, I'm on a lease and I am hoping by rotating in the spare, the tires will not...
  18. ODB Jscan available for JL

    I found this for US spec: FMVSS Standard No. 108 lays it all out, starting with cars that have combined DRLs and turn signals: Each DRL optically combined with a turn signal lamp must be automatically deactivated as a DRL when the turn signal lamp or hazard warning lamp is activated, and...