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  1. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    If you're buying from a dealer in TX you can have the dealer do an "in an out" on your next sale, I've done it for my last few buy/sells but it requires someone buying a car from the dealer. They can buy your "old" car as a trade in then sell it to the private buyer you found elsewhere, then...
  2. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    Jesus I just checked again and I think its worse for me KBB Market Value $45,819 Adjustments - $12,570 Accident - $4,582 Local Market - $7,988 YOUR OFFER $33,249 Trade in Range $45,819 $43,936 $47,705
  3. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    I sold my daily driver Escape to Carvana earlier this year and I had an incredible experience. Took 15 minutes and they offered about $2-3k over what Carmax did. I'd actually like to sell my Jeep but for some reason they have a ~-$3k regional mark DOWN here in Colorado which makes no sense to...
  4. Stripped a bolt.. f what do I do????

    I've had a stripped bolt stopping me from finishing the install of my tire carrier mount for 6 months so don't feel bad. Finally ordered an extraction kit thanks to this thread. Now my bolts are rusting so I really need to get them out (if you buy any chinese "jeep" stuff off amazon make sure to...
  5. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    It's very bulky plastic. I'm really curious how different it looks in person. I have a feeling it'll have a Mustang effect and look ugly to me for 6 months until it's normal.
  6. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Ok storing the doors in the trunk is cool. I wish this were bigger/more aggressive. I can't shake the feeling that it's a toy Wrangler. After my 2013 Escape I don't know if I'd buy another Ford. Is the battery in this under the windshield? :headbang:
  7. Should I sell my JLUR for TRD Pro 4Runner?

    I specifically wanted a 4runner before my JL, test drove them compared to the JL, they felt like driving a truck from 2010 in tech, trans, etc. It was a 2019 and had basically the same media system and old UI as my 2008 Lexus. Whenever they finally fully update them I'd probably get rid of the...
  8. Hertz liquidating JL Wranglers - Are these a good deal?

    Either these prices are terrible or I'm paying my rubi off way faster than I thought I'd be, if you're gonna buy one of these msg me instead, I kinda want a diesel.
  9. Amazon Jeep Wish Lists

    I really need to organize my stuff but I use amazon wishlists for a few other things (raspberry pi clusters) and the UX is so bad.. it's like 3-5 steps per wishlist add unless I'm doing it wrong. It's so clunky I just wind up using a kanban board somewhere that I can't really share.. Wonder if...
  10. Terrible Seats

    Naw it's way up my leg, like my upper thigh and I feel it through my lower back, it's not me hitting the shifter or anything it just eventually happens after a few hours on the road. It feels like a nerve in my upper back leg going to my spine. I'm on the short end (5'7) so I just assume it's...
  11. Can you fit four 35s in JL 4dr

    I fit 4 38s in mine and had no problem driving around but the Jeep was completely full and seats down
  12. Terrible Seats

    My JL pinches my right leg nerve somehow when I drive it for 2+ hours so roadtrips have me constantly shifting, it's super uncomfortable. I've had a lot of cars and don't remember any of their seats giving me this weird pain I get with this but I'm also in my 30s now so maybe that's just life. I...
  13. 6 months for delivery now?

    I'm so jealous. That's exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to wait, wasn't sure if the diesel would ever even come out... had no idea sarge green would come out. I'm really thinking of trading mine in because towing with it sucks. I guess I just need to grab a set of roadtrip wheels and not run...
  14. You should look at refinancing

    Yea I'm a 2018, it's kind of a crappy cut off, I've barely got 7k miles
  15. You should look at refinancing

    I just tried this with Penfed and they're only doing 3.74% for anything older than 2020. Pretty weak.
  16. Which would you purchase

    That 2018 doesn't seem like a good deal at all but I haven't looked at the market. I have less miles on mine and would happily take 40k.
  17. What's the benefit of the LED lighting group?

    Every single Jeeper I've ever known complained about the stock headlights and wants to replace them so I'm happy I went with the LED blinders
  18. FCA Employee Pricing discount now available on Wrangler. Combining with other discounts/incentives.

    Has anyone sold or traded in their 2018-19 lately? Is anyone buying? I sold a car to Carvana a few months ago (before quarantine) and tested putting my JLUR in it to see what they'd give. They gave me a great deal on my 2013 Escape but I owe around 36 on my JL and I think they offered 34-35k...
  19. Changing oil at the dealership - 5 or 6 qt

    I got my first oil change last month and was hoping by now it'd be 5qts but it said 6qts on the invoice and I just finished moving so I haven't had time to check but I'm sure it's 6qts in the tank. I've got no faith.
  20. Jeep Capitulates to the Insanity

    The fact that you take my example, where a guy is working for $10/hr to feed himself (you think he wants to work in public during this?) by handing you toilet paper during a world wide pandemic where he has a much higher probability of becoming infected and possibly dying or going bankrupt over...