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  1. Bolt Hood Lock?

    I ordered this one, got the job done:
  2. Proper tools to purchase?

    According to Milwaukee they produce tools in USA, China, and Europe. If you look at the fine print DeWalt admits the tools they assemble in the USA are assembled from parts made in USA, China, Mexico and Europe. Unfortunately we don’t have an option for 100% made in USA cordless tools at this...
  3. Proper tools to purchase?

    Milwaukee tools are fantastic and the range of items available in their M18 and M12 series is extensive. I have the 1/2” impact, 3/8” stubby impact, and a 3/8” ratchet. I have used the heck out of the ratchet for many projects and it’s awesome for Jeep top removal. Battery life for all has been...
  4. Spare Tire Carrier

    I’ve been running the Evo carrier for a few months and I’m very happy with it. Solid and never a hint of rattle. I’m running a 37x13.5x17 so it’s a pretty heavy spare.
  5. Positive outcomes of mopar 2 inch lift kit

    I’m running the same lift and tires as you. Haven’t done any serious wheeling yet but I’m thrilled with the setup so far. I’m also curious about the score you got on the flex trailer? I’m nowhere near a location to have mine checked unfortunately.
  6. Wheel width vs tire width

    They’ll look “untucked” but not crazy. I think it gives the Jeep a little more aggressive and planted stance. As far as rubbing it’s hard to say. With factory control arms it’s possible you could have some rubbing at full lock but nothing that would cause damage. At the rear you will probably...
  7. Wheel width vs tire width

    I had the same dilemma and decided on the 13.5 width. Ironically the 13.5 were a little cheaper than the 12.5 too. I have not installed my lift so haven’t mounted wheels yet but did test fit spare on my new Evo carrier. Here’s a pic on the 8.5” wide Teraflex wheel to give you an idea of the look.
  8. Which Milwaukee Ratchet?

    I’m very happy with the gen 1. I’ve used it for about 6 months for top removal, doors, slider install, and various upgrades to the Jeep. A full time mechanic might see a benefit from the fuel model but the gen 1 is plenty capable for the home user. Next I want to get the 3/8 stubby impact.
  9. PSA Warn 12-s $1589

    I have been waiting for the 10 S to pop up at a great price somewhere but had to pull the trigger on this 12S since it’s also the platinum model. Thanks for the heads-up. (my wife is happy to have my Christmas taken care of too)
  10. Rugged Ridge JL/JT Snorkel kit installed

    That looks great! Is it paintable to match body color?
  11. What do people think of the teraflex nomads?

    Love the titanium gray Nomads! I was hoping they might offer a matte bronze but seeing these on your Jeep I’ve decided the gray will work just fine. I like how you get a little more contrast, shows off the wheel design IMHO.
  12. Anyone own a Top Lift Pro?

    I have owned my TLP for about a month and love it. For me it was the best solution for one man operation. It’s so easy and opens up a whole new area of enjoyment of the Jeep. As far as cost it did seem steep at first but when I compare it to a few factory options I purchased that cost $1000 or...
  13. What do you use to take your Jeep hard top off

    I’ve had my Top Lift Pro for only a couple of weeks but have already used it to remove/install the top 4 or 5 times. On my first use I didn’t roll the TLP all the way against the bumper before lifting and the top did seem a little unstable while rolling into garage. Since then I position the...