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  1. Pics of 33s and a lift

    I'm running 305/70/17 E rated Nitto Ridge Grapplers (Nitto site says they 33.86). Ride is good, not loud. They fit without relocation bracket, I have about 1/4" between the spare bumper.
  2. Hinge based Tire Carrier upgrades

    I have the Rugged Ridge sitting in the garage just waiting on me to sober up a little to install
  3. What does everybody do for a living?

    Retired USAF and now I'm a Superintendent on a private golf course. Basically, I grow grass for a living.
  4. Bushwacker Sill Guards

    No, it doesn’t have to be drilled out. I wanted it flush and chose to remove the bolt and drill it out.
  5. Bushwhacker door sill cover

    I removed the bolts and drilled the guards after install and put the bolts back in.
  6. Pics of 33s and a lift

    Here is a sport with RC 2.5 lift and 34’s.
  7. Bushwacker Sill Guards

    You would have to drill out the bolt holes for the factory rails. Here a pic from underneath the vehicle to show the width of the plastic. In the second pic you can see where I drilled out to reinstall the factory bolts on the front of the Jeep.
  8. Bushwacker Sill Guards Won’t work with factory sliders unless some modifications are done.
  9. Bushwhacker door sill cover

    Easy install, good coverage and hides the pinch seam.
  10. Just checked catch can and Wow!!!

    False, my local dealership has never said anything about the catch can on my ‘10 challenger and they’ve performed all the warranty work on it. And if your statements were true, wouldn’t it apply to all the mods we do to our Jeeps?
  11. ∞ Special Delivery! | What do YOU have coming in the mail for your Rig?! ∞

    I’m waiting on my check from a Nigerian Prince so I can buy some more stuff.
  12. What to do with stock bumper

    Mine is taking up space in the attic
  13. Baja Designs Squadron Lights

    All I wanted to know was what military discount they provided (which is the same freaking discount for everyone, so why make it seem like it’s different!?) from your previous post I don’t think I ever defended them and I have never bought anything directly from BD. They are probably like most...
  14. Baja Designs Squadron Lights

    Most manufacturers aren’t going to sell for less (deep discounts). I’ve found I usually get things cheaper from sponsored vendors. I bought my BD light bar from a sponsored vendor on the Tacoma site I’m a member of. They gave a good discount and included the wiring harness. Now, for the...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the LOD Destroyer bumper. Battery died on my impact and I’m to lazy to use a ratchet, so the skid plate will have to wait.
  16. Little Help... JL experience vs. expectation

    Very similar, I had a weim, but couldn’t get another one after he passed. I didn’t want to be comparing the new weim to my old one, So I started my search for a Vizsla and found him after 4 years. Best decision I ever made. Here he is in my old Taco and the back yard.
  17. Little Help... JL experience vs. expectation

    2019 JL Sport S, 3400 miles, 2.5" lift, 305/70/17 tires. No issues, this thing is a blast to drive and my dog loves it also.
  18. What's The Best Door Sill Guard?

    I have LoD sliders that are frame mounted. These could work depending on how the rockhard attach to the pinch seam. I’ve attached a couple of picks taken from the ground up so you could get an idea of the thickness of the bushwackers.