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  1. UConnect 5” reboots when USB ports used it touchFIXED!

    That’s a bummer. It’s been two weeks so far with no problem for me. What’s the dealer proposing for you now that the radio replacement has failed?
  2. UConnect 5” reboots when USB ports used it touchFIXED!

    I was having a problem with my 6 mos old jlu where the radio would shut off if I had the phone connected via the aux cord and playing music after a minute and a half. Took it to the dealer (koons in Tyson’s va). First sales rep didn’t understand what I told him even though I explained in detail...
  3. Doorless Mirrors?

    Got a pair of harley mirrors for my son's JLU, but he said he couldn't see well. Switched to the Enduro with ram arm and ball mounts. Look and work great! Thanks for the advice guys. I did a ton of research and think this is the best option unless you want to spend a lot for CMM.
  4. WTB: Door cart

    Looking for a door cart (not a door rack/hanger) for my 4 door JLU. If you have one, please include dimensions so I can make sure it fits in my garage. Thanks.
  5. Michelin LTX MS2 tires

  6. load rating on stock jlu sport s tires

    Selling my sport s take offs and someone asked me the load rating. Can't find the info anywhere. Anybody know this? Thanks.
  7. Michelin LTX MS2 tires

  8. FS: JLU Sport S take offs

  9. FS: JLU Sport S take offs

  10. FS: JLU Sport S take offs

  11. Michelin LTX MS2 tires

  12. Michelin LTX MS2 tires

    5 brand new tires. Never seen pavement. Michelin LTX MS2 all season tires 245/75/17. $700 Retail for 227 each on Local only to DC/MD/VA No shipping. Thanks
  13. FS: JLU Sport S take offs

  14. FS: JLU Sport S take offs

    Bump. $600.
  15. Tire pressure for 33's on jlu sport s

    just got my jlu sport s and had the dealer switch out stock tires/wheels for bfg ko2 285's on 17x7.5 MSW type 77 wheels from tire rack. The dealer set the tires to 50psi. I've searched on multiple threads and this consistently seems very high. I will do a chalk test eventually when i have some...
  16. How To Install Running Boards - JLU

    Well thanks to everyone's advice i just saved $400. Got 6 flange bolts from the hardware store for $3. I'm not handy at all, and it took maybe 30 min to install both running boards. Unbelieveably simple. Thanks for the advice!
  17. FS: JLU Sport S take offs

    5 stock wheels/tires with TPMS and lug nuts in brand new condition. These were taken off by dealer before I took ownership of the car, so they've never been driven. Wheels: 17 x 7.5 inch silver aluminum wheels Tires: 245/75/17 All season tires TPMS on all wheels. Local sale only. I'm in...
  18. How To Install Running Boards - JLU

    Thanks. That’s what I thought. Sales guy said they couldn’t do it for free because it’s an aftermarket item and labor has to be charged. Fair enough, but it doesn’t sound like 390 worth of labor. Car has already been built and is in transit. A bit disappointed in the dealer with what has...
  19. How To Install Running Boards - JLU

    My dealer just told me that they could install the running boards I bought from someone else for 390! That seems really high. I’m waiting delivery of the Jeep in the next week. It seems simple to install this at home, even for someone who isn’t handy. Am I missing something?
  20. Sahara wheels on JLU Sport s?