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  1. Which Jeep Jamboree/Meet to go to in 2021

    I’m going to try to sign up for Moab JJ. I’ve heard it sells out extremely fast. I have my alarm set to remind me that 15 minutes before it goes live.
  2. Metalcloak vs RK X factor rear track bar

    My Jeeps an Unlimited. I plan on doing the Game Changer.
  3. Just ordered my 392!

    I would buy and all electric Rubicon. Especially if it could send power to all 4 wheels if you wanted it to. It would be an ultimate off road Jeep. Dual motors, ability to have full locked power to all 4 wheels, and about a 400 mile range. If it was about $60-65,000. Sign me up. Oh, don’t...
  4. Metalcloak vs RK X factor rear track bar

    Thanks. I’m really thinking I should do the MC lift. I’ll probably buy there driveshaft. I’ve heard it’s really good and I’m only going to go to 37’s. I’ve never read anything bad on either, but it seems most people go with the MC over RK. It’s a lot of money and I’m just nervous. I could...
  5. Metalcloak vs RK X factor rear track bar

    Help me out. The Metalcloak GC has a rear track bar designed to clear on up-travel as well as downtravel. I’m assuming it’s adjustable. The RK X Factor stage 1 comes with Bolt-on rear track bar relocation bracket, and say if you do aftermarket it could hit exhaust. What’s the difference and...
  6. Just ordered my 392!

    I agree to take what you can get, and if someone will pay it why not ask X dollars over sticker. I’m just not a believer in it. That’s a short term thing. My opinion is do sticker, and earn a repeat customer that will also send other people to you, excuse you treated them fairly. That will...
  7. Just ordered my 392!

    That's ridiculous to charge that. Dealerships like that are why sales people have a bad name. We have ours ordered, and are not charging anything over sticker. I'm sure we could, and get it, but that's not how you get repeat customers.
  8. Just ordered my 392!

    We are selling ours for MSRP. I know some dealers will charge over, but not us. We were the only dealer to earn one in the Denver business center.
  9. Just ordered my 392!

    Congrats on your order. We just ordered our 392 for stock. Ordered a Hydro Blue with power top, and half doors with premium upper, trail cam, and tow pkg.
  10. GVWR - 2021 JLUR SRT 392

    Ok, I'm sorry. I thought you were talking tow capacity. That's what I get for not reading the whole thing. My guess would be around 6,500.
  11. GVWR - 2021 JLUR SRT 392

    It will be 3,500 just like all the other ones from what I've been told. It's not the engine that makes the difference. It's the frame, suspension, and the driveline.
  12. Now I’m worried

    I love the people that join this forum, and then ask a ridiculous question. Then they never respond to anybody answering for them. It's a car. It's no different than buying a phone, toaster, computer or anything else man made with moving parts. You could get many years of great service out...
  13. Metal cloak with shock extenders. Hurt how much?

    I'm going to do the extenders, and have the shop make sure it has plenty of bump to keep the shock from bottoming out. I actually talked to them this morning.
  14. Update: Reveal Coming Nov 17 @ 12PM ET! Production 392 Hemi V8 Jeep Wrangler Officially Teased!

    While I do think the 392 Wrangler is freaking awesome, and will probably sell very well. I honestly don't understand the excitement. I didn't buy a Jeep to be able to pass everybody, and the V6 does very well on and off road. I do take my wheeling. I set my cruise at 64 MPH on a 60 MPH...
  15. Metal cloak with shock extenders. Hurt how much?

    Thays exactly what I want. How tall is your Jeep now?
  16. Metal cloak with shock extenders. Hurt how much?

    which length Fox 2.5’s would you recommend for the 2.5 lift? I’m running 35’s but plan to move to 37’s when the wear out. Also, would you know a good way to sell my Fox shocks I have now?
  17. GMRS Handheld over Micromobile

    What’s a good way to mount the MXT275 where it’s not visible? Under passenger dash somewhere?
  18. Metal cloak with shock extenders. Hurt how much?

    So, somewhat off topic. This all to do Moab, black bear pass and other trails. Would like to do Rubicon. Is all this necessary with a JLU Rubicon with 35’s? Can I do those trails as the Jeep sits?
  19. Metal cloak with shock extenders. Hurt how much?

    I wonder if the kit comes with enough. Says up to 4”. Wonder if that’s even enough.