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  1. First real world diesel rubicon mpg test

    I can regularly get over 400 miles pushing 37s, lifted, with several hundred pounds of added mods. Frankly the only reason I’m not trading for a 392.
  2. DEF Usage The 10,000-mile OCI and DEF range was quoted in most of the FCA-sourced press releases when the 3.0 wrangler was...
  3. First real world diesel rubicon mpg test

    More likely they’d report it to the EPA :CWL:
  4. DEF Usage

    FCA projects 1960mpg for the DEF. He quoted a 20-25% reduction in fuel efficiency compared to the EPA average and you’re calculating that a 60+% reduction in DEF range is expected? Looks more than a little discordant with the fuel use to me.
  5. DEF Usage

    Yea based on your fuel economy you should see a 20-25% reduction in DEF range at worst...if the dyno is way down too then you can add that to the list of issues for the warranty claim.
  6. DEF Usage

    Could be your specific motor because very few folks on here have expressed disappointment in the 3.0’s performance. It’s obviously capable of more with a simple chip tune given the 1500’s hp and tq advantage, but I’d get yours on a dyno to compare to some of the numbers that have been posted...
  7. Winter grille cover

    Nice, I like the clip approach more than FIA’s adhesive studs. If they fall off I know what’s replacing the FIA winter front now!
  8. Winter grille cover

    Nokian Hakkapeliita LT2 studded 35s. I just finished an 800-mile loop of ice and snow-covered roads with zero issues...just wish they came in 37s lol.
  9. My 2.0, Move to Alaska, and TOWING!

    FWIW, the JLU platform is rated for 5000lb towing in places like Germany and Australia which enforce a 100km/hr towing speed limit and trailer brake requirements. Keep it under 63mph and use brakes, there should be zero mechanical or control issues under 5000lbs. Our lower towing numbers in...
  10. I ordered my 392 today too!

    I wonder if that single allocation applies to all of Lithia in AK. I’ve got a friend in Wasilla strongly considering one. Let me know when yours comes in...maybe wheel it with my 3.0.
  11. Tailgate table light

    Yea that’s why I didn’t want to use the outlet...I’ve removed well over half of the trim pieces in my rig for various mods and the tabs eventually break in all of them.
  12. GVWR - 2021 JLUR SRT 392

    Anyone rocking a 3.0 and a 6.4 in the same garage is a legend in my book. I tried and failed to convince my wife to rock a 392 next to my JLURD. :CWL:
  13. GVWR - 2021 JLUR SRT 392

    It’s going to be VERY close...the 3.0 adds about 350lbs over the 3.6 and only goes over 6000 in rubicon trim due to the skid plates. The 6.4 is about 250lbs added to the 3.6 so you better hope that fancy intake and exhaust add enough to reach section 179 territory.
  14. Costs

    Whether or not you ever break even or save a dime is entirely dependent on the cost of diesel vs 87 in your area and how many miles you plan to drive in that area. Some folks like myself are lucky to live in places where diesel costs less than 87, bringing the break-even point compared to a 3.6...
  15. DEF Usage

    I believe you meant sucks cat piss :CWL:. What’s your avg mpg and miles per month?
  16. Oil analysis after dealership put Rotella T6 oil in my 3.0

    I think the other concern that was raised with T6 was it predisposing to turbo coking...someone who knows more than I about that issue maybe can chime in about whether there are identifiable differences on a UOA from coking.
  17. Oil analysis after dealership put Rotella T6 oil in my 3.0

    Basically it performs as expected with the “exception” of slightly higher viscosity which I’m sure the 12991 spec dropped for efficiency purposes. I doubt the difference is enough to limit lubrication in the setting of relatively low oil pressures in the gen3 3.0.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    AAL Versatable preceded by the ARB twin compressor via expedition essentials extended harness and MORE mount. Table wires easily to the 7-pin trailer socket.
  19. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    I guess if folks experience t-case failures, that will fall squarely under the category of “failed obstacle due to t-case limitations” lol.
  20. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    I think this topic has largely been put to rest but I’ll keep an open mind...when you show me evidence of a 392 failing to clear an obstacle because of its T-case, we’ll pick this up where we left off. I won’t be holding my breath.