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  1. Official Lego Technic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Model

    It has the improved steel steering box so no wander.
  2. New Currie Rock Jock Front End Housing Johnny Joint Kit for JL/JT

    Got mine done without removing coils. Was a pain in the ass but used a ball joint press and for them out. It drives much much much better now but that is just because of the amount of work to get them in ;)
  3. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    $2 part failure causing a $2000 axle replacement.... The brainiac inside Dana who made this decision needs to be let go.
  4. Official Lego Technic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Model

    I have a life sized mechano Jeep. Does that count?
  5. 2.0 boost - when & what controls boost

    Good info, and remember you also have the axle ratio working to multiply again.
  6. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    I have seen one at RCORP. So they must be close to releasing.
  7. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    The auto in the 2.0L and 3.6L are the same. No weight difference. The 2.0L eTorque has the 48V battery which adds weight, but doesn't have the 2nd small battery so saves a bit on that side. The non-eTorque 2.0L is lighter than the 3.6L. The 2.0L is a much better setup for a Jeep used at...
  8. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    Or worse. If you exceed the shaft speed maximum if you are lucky you seize it, if you are unlucky the turbo comes apart and fills your intake/intercooler/engine with metal pieces. In the past materials and manufacturing techniques did not allow the high speeds and reliability that a modern...
  9. Hot Transmission

    The ZF 8 speed has an internal temp bypass switch and by design likes to run a bit hotter then other autos.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    350 lbs!! Play her this and see how it feels sleeping in the Jeep ;)
  11. Reducing Body Roll, Suspension?Spring?Rear Sway Bar? Air Bags?

    Synergy track bar relocation (or others) to fix the roll center will help a lot as pointed out above. Also the Hellwig rear sway bar helps.
  12. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Peters is an easy trail but that should not be taken to mean safe to do alone as things can still happen. It is usually a pretty busy trail that you can find a group to tag along with but not sure about that time of the year.
  13. The dirty underbelly of off-roading

    My wife can squat without issues. For #1 do it away from any running water. For #2 we carry dog doo-doo bags, wet-wipes and TP, all biodegradable. We then treat #2 just like our dog crapping. It gets picked up and tied off in a biodegradable doo-doo bag with the wet-wipe/TP and dropped in...
  14. 2018 JL 2.0 *BLOWN TURBO*

    I called two of them today as both open, one has 19 units in stock, the other have 11 units in stock. So parts availability is not the issue.
  15. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    At 10,000 ft a normally aspirated engine will have lost about 31% of power output. You will notice this if you have any sense of the vehicle dynamics you are driving. A factory turbo charged or positive displacement supercharged engine will keep close to factory power levels at altitude in...
  16. Do all rubicons have 4:1 transfer case?

    Yes, order the Rubicon with the standard Rock Track it comes with. Don't select the Select Track option. You will get the 4:1 TC like prior year Rubi's have received.
  17. Do all rubicons have 4:1 transfer case?

    The latest Rubicons you can get with the 4:1 Rock Track they have had since 2018, or you can now get the Select Track automatic 4WD that the Saharas have had as an option in prior years. Note the new 392 will also have the Select Track. You may want to consider it for Maui on those slippery...
  18. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    The current 3.6L are pretty high compression at 11.3:1 and combined with marginal octane gas some knock is expected. It's why the engine has a knock sensor, and why it's written in the manual. Don't like it? Run higher octane or experiment with where you buy gas as you may get better...