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  1. New JL is causing right shoulder back pain help!

    Thank you for your service! AH-6 Little Bird?
  2. Florida Roll Call!

    I wish I could this weekend, but I have a ton to get done. I’m being flown out to CO the next weekend, for a very interesting proposition.
  3. Florida Roll Call!

    We definitely need someone to do a leader’s recon.
  4. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    The modified TSB clearly states that the dealership WILL replace the steering box IN SPITE OF mods. Firkins in Bradenton is going to do mine in a few weeks, and they said they are totally fine with my JKS 4.5” lift, 33s, aftermarket heavy front bumper and winch. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!
  5. Florida Roll Call!

    Roky, thank you; good to know. I am now thinking that just having a saw in my Jeep could be problematic. Thoughts? I can see winching a tree off the trail, but not making clean saw cuts.
  6. Florida Roll Call!

    Oh, also I’m now running a 12K winch with synth. Running towards the front with that and the saw may be a good idea.
  7. Florida Roll Call!

    Roger that!
  8. Hot Transmission

    Bob, I too am wondering if it’s a temperature sensor issue. If it is, it may adjust shift points needlessly.
  9. Florida Roll Call!

    Jeff, I can bring my electric chain saw and ride behind the point man (or woman). Just let me know if I should bring it.
  10. New JL is causing right shoulder back pain help!

    Seriously, I would see a doctor about that. I am a totally disabled veteran, with two bad shoulders and two back surgeries with lots of titanium (among a plethora of other issues). My shoulders only hurt driving my Jeep when they are killing me BEFORE I get in the Jeep. With cervical spine...
  11. Mods and mileage

    I will be looking for 35s that fit the stock 17x7.5 wheels. I don’t know if that will be possible. Currently I am running 33s on my 2.0T with 8spd ZF, with heavy aftermarket front bumper, very heavy winch, and a 4.5” lift. I’m averaging 23-26 on country roads, about 18-20 on the interstate.
  12. 2018 Jlu sport lsd question

    Did you mean, for the front axle, that in 2 WD (not 4H) the FAD disconnects the axle? I believe the FAD locks in 4H and L. I may be misunderstanding your post.
  13. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    James, thank you for your service! My brother and sis-in-law are retired USAF. He was a pilot, she was a nurse. Funny story. I attended an Army course at Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin in the dead of winter. In typical Army school fashion, we took a break every hour. The smokers would head outside...
  14. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    Thanks Gary. I will be in the Denver area, for some cloak-and-dagger stuff.
  15. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    Alex, I hear you brother. I’ve been here for 44 years, and my wife was born here in 1960. I started off in Hollywood, FL for two years. It was culture shock for me, as I was born and lived in the Ohio countryside. We moved to Sarasota, which was a sleepy little town in the early 80s. It was...
  16. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    I have to fly out to Colorado next weekend for a few days. Not so sure how I will fare in my normal sandals, shorts, and t-shirt. I may have to switch to my western boots, pants, and long sleeve shirt with watch cap...
  17. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    Speaking of that Steve, we bought a Generac in March, from Lowe’s, before hurricane season. Final installation happens next Monday - nine f-ing months later!
  18. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    Yes sir; I WILL put my work boots on when I go outside to work - or maybe socks with my sandals 😆
  19. Florida Guy Happy But Frozen

    Matt, I was planning to give you a call today to see how y’all are doing. Thanks for bringing your weather down here! 😆
  20. Knocking on turn with brake application

    Thanks Roky. I’m going to ask the dealership to look into it when I take it in in a few weeks for the new steering box. So far they have been excellent about my lift; zero issues with getting the steering box. I still have two years left on the warranty. It costs nothing to try. I don’t...