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  1. Turbo rattle?

    For those that have the Turbo being replaced due to a rattling / loose linkage rod, is it external, and could it be remedied by a spring, or wave washer to put tension on the rod ? Having the entire Turbo replaced for this would make me worry about more problems being introduced by techs...
  2. Does anyone have a clearlidz top or variant?

    They claim it's made of the same material Fighter Jet canopies are made of. Hopefully true, and could account for the price
  3. Does anyone have a clearlidz top or variant?

    I watched the install video for the JL, and JK. When 2 people carried it to the Jeep, it seemed to be very flexible, it sagged in the middle. How would it take snow build up is a question. They did mention it has an UV tint so it won't heat up in the sun. Its too pricey for me at this point, but...
  4. 2 door JL mpg? Auto better in city with manual better on highway?

    I have a base 2 door Sport, 2.0T, E torque. Stock gearing and tires. I get in the mid to high 20s, 30 on steady speed 55 .mph. Performance and economy in a Wrangler, who knew...
  5. Deals in NY? And are dealers required to honor the Tread Lightly 1% below invoice membership benefit?

    Try Cooper Jeep in Richfield Springs, NY, they are great to deal with, no games . Sales, Kevin Royce. Check their website to see what they have
  6. Utah Monolith?

    Its probably a Beacon warning Spacefarers to steer clear of our benighted Species
  7. Just Stone Me: Any way to turn ESS ON when I want?

    Engine off , then a quick tap on start button (tap, not push to start ) puts it in accessories mode
  8. hybrid system not working. loss of power to system

    A long shot, but any harness damage from being totaled ? Check underneath, the 48v Battery cradle, wiring, fluid circulation Also, the IBS ( Intelligent Battery Sensor ) could be bad.
  9. Georgia new vs rebuild 2018 JL sport

    Good to know, 100,000 mile warranty gives peace of mind.
  10. Sun Visor Fix

    I have a Base Sport, so no wiring to contend with ; only 2 Torx screws on the underside of the visor, and it pulls right off. The hollow tube looked just right for a 1/4 NF tap, ; after trimming plastic as others did, I tapped the tube, found a 1/4 ID washer that fit in the recess, one that...
  11. Georgia new vs rebuild 2018 JL sport

    So what caused the " internal failure of the transmission "? At 65,000 miles, that's only 5,000 miles past powertrain warranty. It could be argued that the total failure originated at or before that 5,000 miles, especially since no " abuse or damage" was found. FCA should cover this , as part...
  12. Sun Visor Fix

    My Sun visor fell down when I turned it to the side, so thanks for this excellent DIY thread. This, and the folding seat problem in the 2 door are the only issues I've had in 18,000 miles with my 2018 2 door Sport. Fingers crossed
  13. Can you disable the function that puts your Jeep in park when door is opened?

    I think you can disable it with a seat belt extender ; I use one to disable the chime for slow speed on my property. Amazon has them
  14. New Jersey 17 inch JLU Wheels & Tires Brand New

    Great Summer tires, wish I was closer...
  15. Half Doors

    Hey Benny, this isn't about doors, but a part still on the Mopar website that is driving me CRAZY P/N 52006844 YJ 4 cylinder frame assembly, $750 Please sell it to me !!
  16. 2.0Turbo Regret...You Bet!

    Thanks for the pix, now I can see what my 2.0T looks like apart. Why didn't they do the long block ?
  17. EZTRUNK for JL install?

    I read that you are making one that fills the ENTIRE trunk area, no gap. Fingers crossed that this will be for the 2 door, with rear seat removed, as well..
  18. 2.0L Flash Tune With Superchips Flashpaq Tuning For Jeep Wrangler JL

    Do you modify the stock PCM, or is it a " new" unit ? Can it be easily be " detuned " in case of sale ? Sounds tantalizing !