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    Hi, Would you not first ask the dealership to evaluate what the issue is and not just change the battery on a hunch? if it is an issue caused by the user you might be billed 30 mins of time but at least you will have a solid starting point. I had slow cranking on my Rubicon over the last...
  2. 2021 Wrangler Fleet Buyers Guide Shows Gecko, Nacho, and Chief Blue! NO MORE SARGE?

    What's the chances of the following: Mid-life facelift for 2022 model year Chief Blue still being around for 2022 model year V8 coming out for the 2022 model year and not being an $80k truck? Asking a lot I know...but an updated 2022 Chief Blue Rubicon with one touch roof and V8 would tick...
  3. Rendering request: Chief Blue JL Rubicon

    Would anyone with much more artistic capability than myself be able to render the JL Rubicon with one-touch roof and matching fenders, and maybe other trims for others interested in them, in Chief Blue. This colour is now top of my list for my next Wrangler if I can make the timing work, thank...
  4. any issues with 2018 models?

    Since you ask lol: 6 out of 8 door hinges showed corrosion,yes after 2 years(not my first Wrangler to show this but you would have hoped they sorted this issue) , doors/hinges repainted, did not match the rest of the car (see attachments) , sent back, adjacent panels blended freedom panel...
  5. When’s the Refresh coming?

    I would think the refresh would come for the 2022 model year, to counter the Bronco, past cycles do not mean they will be repeated and I think refreshes will come more often especially as the JL faces some solid competition for the first time in 20 years, I would hope they would keep a "Sport"...
  6. Jeep Introduces New 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

    Ummm.. personally it ticks a few boxes, V8, red interior, no need for after market exhaust.... I do not off-road my Rubicon ;) Not a fan of the wheel design and the bronze accents are a bit much ..but it IS a "Concept" But it is also very close to production if they so desired, and if the...
  7. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JLU (4-Door) ORDER GUIDE!

    Colours of my 4 Wrangers: 2007 Steel Blue, 2010 Stone white, 2013 Rock Lobster, 2018 Sting Gray... I loved Rock Lobster, but most didn't so it was rare to see... Rescue Green(2007) is cool too....if I was to have one choice it would be Cosmos Blue (Not a fan of metallic paint on a Wrangler)
  8. Watch the Wrangler Body In White Bodyshell Production at Kuka Toledo Production Operations (KTPO)

    So far verbally , lets see when I take it in , no warranty work can be done under the current lockdown and dealership bodyshop closed..
  9. Watch the Wrangler Body In White Bodyshell Production at Kuka Toledo Production Operations (KTPO)

    Would these be the guys I should ask about this on 6 out of the 8 door hinges my 2018? :lipssealed:
  10. The clutch gang!

    The Interceptor has a 440 7.2litre V8, but not a HEMI, they did do about 30 six pack also... has even worse millage than the Jeep :-)
  11. The clutch gang!

    This is my fourth Wrangler 4 door since 2007, all have been manual, I have driven rental JK's and JL's with autos and it really is a very different experience, and as have been mentioned, not as "involving". manuals are def in the minority and I expect to read in the next couple of years that...
  12. Aux Switch Decals/Labels - What would you want?

  13. Plug-In Hybrid Electric Wrangler Still on Track for 2020 Release Date

    Not sure if it has been done in a PHEV or is even technically possible, but if it came with a manual transmission I would be in it's target market, depending on the Canadian and Quebec gov incentives which tend to be pretty good. My daily commute to and from work is about 5 miles but can take...
  14. 2020 JLU. 4WD operation.

    Hi, I live in Montreal, this is my 4th Wrangler, I use 2H for 95% of my winter driving, if there is decent snow coverage I go to 4H, as for the speed you can go in 4H, I use a simple rule, if I can go more than 80 kph then the conditions do not warrant 4H, you should not be going close to 80kph...
  15. 2021 Wrangler updates/changes

    Hi everyone... Planning to buy my 5th Wrangler in Spring of 2021...if there is already a thread on any rumors/facts on refresh/changes/new colors please let me know and I will delete this thread. I would be curious to know what might change, 2021 will be the 4th model year for the JL so may...
  16. ...2020 PHEV: but is it "worth it"

    No chance of this drivetrain being mated to a manual transmission? :(
  17. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Hi,had it done at a bodyshop I know, $800 cdn... no way to tell it was not factory long as it's done right :-)
  18. Drove around NYC with the windshield down.

    very kind of you to share, thank you. Tristan:-)