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  1. Found Treasure!

  2. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    Did the dealer ever figure it out and fix your problem?
  3. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    Is this a known problem? I will schedule a trip to the dealer and show them the video. Thanks
  4. Found Treasure!

    A sign of the times? lol. People outside of large cities must not use dry cleaners much? We recycle them back to the dry cleaners. There are 2 kinds usually. The all metal ones like in your pic for shirts. Another style that has metal shoulders and a cardboard tube at the bottom for pants. The...
  5. Found Treasure!

    I have tons of them from the dry cleaners. lol.
  6. Radio Shutting off, and Clock Resetting.

    After 17 months I just started having weird problems with my radio. I have the larger 8.4" Infotainment. Never a problem until now. I got a oil change last month and they updated the radio software. Not sure if that has anything to do with it? My radio will turn ON/OFF by itself and reboot...

    I was shocked to see how bad body panel gaps were on a Tesla. I watched a guy slap washer after washer between panels and screws trying to fix gaps.
  8. FCA working on a new inline 6?
  9. 2.0L Engine Coolant Overheating, 2k miles

    I am around 15K and no sign of leaks but will ask the dealer to check out the TSB the next oil change. Thanks for the link to the TSB.
  10. 2.0 turbo vs Pentastar V6

    I owned a '97 TJ 2.5 4-cyclinder automatic and a '15 JK automatic. The TJ was a dog and only got about 15 mpg rolling down a hill. The JK got 19-20 with a back wind under ideal condition. Power wise it was better then the TJ but not any where close to the 2.0 in the JL. The 2.0 is a LOT better...
  11. 2.0 turbo vs Pentastar V6

    Same here. All stock, run 34 psi, deal flat roads. I constantly get 21 mpg all the time with my 2.0 JLR auto. Actually a little better, around 22-23 mpg, in the summer on summer gas. I have seen as high as 26 mpg on highway trips. It's pretty incredible when you consider how much power and...
  12. [FULL] GROUPBUY: ORACLE Lighting Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Does your 10%-OFF offer on your site work for these lights now that the group buy is over? What's the estimated delivery date?
  13. New backup light bar on JL Sport plastic bumper cover

    I had the VLED on another car. On top of the plate frame. Can you post pics of it mounted on your bumper? I would like to see how it looks? Pics at night of the back up camera screen with the light ON and OFF would be nice too. Thanks
  14. Jeep Not Starting....

    Did you order your Wrangler or was it on the lot? Dealers are notorious for letting batteries drain and then jumping them when a customer is interested. It's possible the batteries were compromised by sitting at the dealer being drained too much. Being drained just once can damage a battery...
  15. Jeep Not Starting....

    Any battery charger/maintainer/conditioner is good. Noco brand is good.
  16. Jeep Not Starting....

    Is it a ESS with smaller battery or eTorque? You have a trickle charger you can plug in? I'd do that.
  17. Hard top wind noise

    Any dealer should be able to look up the part number and order it for you.
  18. V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept drive review by MotorTrend

    Another article.
  19. How much oil do you burn?

    I have a 2019 JLR 2.0T with about 12K miles. No oil used between oil changes.