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    Thanks for your response. I've never been through a commercial carwash. I like to wash my car by hand. It's possible, though. I washed it last in early July with a touchless wand. It doesn't explain the standing water in the WeatherTech mat in early May.

    My JLWU is leaking on the PASSENGER side. The first time I noticed it, it was after a very heavy (horizontal) rain from back to front. I have WeatherTech mats in both the front and the back. There was water in the front passenger molded plastic mat. The carpet underneath was wet, too. With...
  3. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    The length of time the small screen stays on is adjustable via the Jeep control settings. The Jeep ABSOLUTELY must be OFF when you are finished putting the transfer case in Neutral and the transmission in Park. I printed the two pages that were displayed above when I started towing in May...
  4. How many miles until your first windshield rock chip?

    It's been 20+ years since I had to replace a windshield. I had to replace the one on my Toyota last August, then the Jeep in October (~8,000 miles). The Jeep then got a star chip in January. Like cball508, there wasn't another car around for over 150' on the highway. Safelite repaired that...
  5. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    So, here's the solution. After a LOT of double and triple checking of the wiring from the motorhome to the umbilical and into the Jeep, all the wiring was correct and in working order. The problem was in the Owner's Manual of the Roadmaster Invisi-brake, the passive braking system that...
  6. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    Bad news. I towed my JLUR for three days to Albuquerque. The battery on the Jeep was completely dead (no lights on the dash at all). The RV owner parked next to me graciously used his SUV to jump the Jeep. On the way home, I started the Jeep twice. When I got home, there was a little bit...
  7. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    Thanks for the discussion. I had the RVi Towed Vehicle Charger installed earlier this week. I'm heading out on an RV trip on Monday and will be towing the Jeep for three days straight until I get to my destination on Wednesday, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Since it is a big city and I can...
  8. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    I already have a lot of the components of the CootTech Deluxe kit. I just found the RVi Towed Battery Charger online for $55. I already have the umbilical they suggest using, so I'm leaning toward that one. I appreciate your input!
  9. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    I rarely see a towed Jeep with auxiliary lights on the back. It's definitely an option. Thanks for your input!
  10. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    I'm towing my JLUR behind a 35' gas-powered Class A. I'm using a Blue Ox baseplate, tow bar and umbilical but a Roadmaster Invisibrake. I also use the additional Roadmaster wiring kit that illuminates a red light RMI on my dash when I press the brake on the motorhome to indicate that the Jeep...
  11. Jeeps in Alorton Hell Jail... (The New Marion)

    Two weeks after I bought my JLUR in Houston, TX, the dealership told me that their tracking system was still showing my Jeep was stuck in Alorton, IL. Go figure!
  12. Jeeps in Alorton Hell Jail... (The New Marion)

    I bought my new Ocean Blue Sahara at Helfman Dodge. Katy Freeway near 610 Loop and the Ikea. Silber exit. The sales rep and the sales manager both insisted that I needed to provide my social security number for the title paperwork. I pushed back and insisted that they needed to show me the...
  13. Jeeps in Alorton Hell Jail... (The New Marion)

    My blue Sahara showed that it was in Alorton for over two weeks when I stopped by the dealership last Friday afternoon. The sales manager called the Houston area distribution center where the trains drop off the cars. They said that they did not have my Jeep yet. That was around 2-3 pm on...
  14. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    What can I say? I'm a geek! Also, I followed the link to the Behr website that another viewer had kindly added to this Forum. I would say that the color is a little more red than the paint swatch that displayed on my computer monitor.
  15. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    The Punk'n Sahara that I ordered arrived. I saw it today, but I brought a Behr paint color fan to see what color it matched. Behr is carried by Home Depot. The Punk'n is closest to Fireglow 200B-7. You should be able to ask someone at the paint desk to see their color fan. The metallic...
  16. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Hi, No, they were very gracious about my request to make the change. I ordered the same options for an Ocean Blue Sahara with black leather interior.
  17. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I gotta be honest. I ordered a Punk'n Sahara based on the marketing photo that looked like a muted Copperhead. When I saw the bright orange photos from Cleveland, I went by the dealership yesterday and ordered an Ocean Blue Sahara. If anyone is interested in the Punk'n Sahara, it will...