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  1. SE Michigan Dealer Recommendations/Pricing

    A 19 will have a higher residual unless there is a huge discount on the 18 the 19 will probably be the same or cheaper. The Chrysler Capital residuals this month for Southwest Business Center (may vary in other areas) 19 JLUR 64% 24 months, 61 on the 36. The 18 residuals are 57/55. Money factor...
  2. 3/19 build, newer steering box number?

    To the best of my knowledge, the AD box is the most current.
  3. 2017 Jeep Replacement from FCA (syncro issues in tran?)

    Very possible that a new trans is on national backorder with no valid time estimate. It happens when there is a larger than expected demand for parts and lead time for replacements is lengthy. Might be worth a call to Jeep customer service and see if they can assist. Thinking about it a little...
  4. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    An update on my JLUR. The updated AD steering box and new trackbar were installed today, and they also set the tow to max allowable spec and I have to say wow! It's noticeably better than it was, I'm no longer herding it down the road. The dead spot is virtually gone and the response is very...
  5. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    It was updated 2/26/19 with the track bar info.
  6. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    The bulletin is titled "Steering feels loose and or wanders" it has the whole works in there, alignment tighten components, over center torque test on the steering gear and the new track bar.
  7. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    For those interested the Star online bulletin is S1819000003 dated 2/26/19.
  8. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I've been following this thread since it's inception, and my JLUR exhibits quite a few of the same issues as the others here, I work in a CJDR dealership and am a used car manager and have worked at this dealer for over 26 years. I did most of the things listed here in the forum when I first...
  9. Default Tire is now Falken???

    It's not showing available for stock orders, it is available for sold orders it seems.
  10. Default Tire is now Falken???

    Now I actually went into DealerConnect last night to test this, and the TT4 White Letter tire is NOT selectable while the TWG M/T is, the KO2 black sidewall is still the standard equipment in the code guide (3/1/19 update) with the TWG Falken M/T available as a no-cost option. All options are...
  11. Speedometer Gauge Incorrect

    Ask them to perform TSB 08-108-18 REV A, it's the flash that you most likely need.
  12. Speedometer Gauge Incorrect

    There is a cluster flash to fix this issue, mine would be up to 5 mph higher on the analog and it would not go to zero when stopped. Flash took care of the issue for me.
  13. Default Tire is now Falken???

    The KO2's are still standard, the Falken M/T is a no charge option, sales code TWG. Now we have the choice of all terrain or mud terrain from the factory.
  14. Auto climate control not as effective in the cold

    Here's what I found regarding the side to side temperature difference issue:
  15. SmartStopStart, disable ESS the way it should have been designed

    Installed mine last Wednesday, it works absolutely perfectly! Thanks for a great product!
  16. Digital Speedometer vs Needle

    I've noticed my JLUR occasionally is about 5 mph apart, when stopped the analog reads about 5mph while the digital reads 0. It's a cluster issue for sure if I shut down and wait for the cluster to go to sleep then restart it will sync back up again. Adding it to the list to have checked next...
  17. So How's The Real World Highway MPG?

    I just did a 900-mile road trip last week in the JLUR, averaging 65-67mph the first leg through some hills and small towns was 20.6mpg. Next tank was mixed city and highway at 19.9mpg. The third tank was all highway, heading into a 10mph headwind and 70-73 mph was 17.6, last 100 miles was 75-78...
  18. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    That's good to hear! Now maybe a few more will get the same diagnosis and repair.
  19. Factory Frame Taps??

    Collision repair, a body shop can mount targets to predetermined points on the frame, laser scan the targets and compare to manufacturers spec. This allows the shop to know if the frame is bent or twisted even if it is not visible to the naked eye...
  20. Recall U62 - Cruise Control / PCM Issue For 2018 Jeep Wrangler

    They announced the recall this morning on the Dodge Journey and the flash is available. Since a Journey was the original and only vehicle to exhibit the behavior it would stand to reason that they tested the fix there first. The issue as stated above is fault handling logic in the programming...