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  1. Illinois Mopar Tubular Side Steps (4 Door)

    Thanks, but I ended up finding a set of performance rock rails, GLWS
  2. Test drove my first ever Wranglers today. Thoughts and help with concerns please

    tough call between sport and rubicon, if planning 35" tires rubicon is probably a good move, if just bumping up to 33's then sport works out fine with a mild lift. cold weather I think is worth it as it doesn't cost much and gives heated seats and steering wheel. I don't go for LEDs because I...
  3. Illinois Mopar Tubular Side Steps (4 Door)

    interested but far away, do you know what shipping would be to NJ, 08501.
  4. Question on Rubicon Recon decals

    I found part numbers I think: LEFT Side: 68510818AA Right Side: 68510811AA unfortunately looks like they list for around $60 each and sell for around $40 each....on the fence about them as I like the look but not sure what they would look like on a sport
  5. New Jersey 5 BFG 285/70/17 Rubicon tires $750 OBO

    that works for me, swapping tires Monday so next week or later I added pictures, sorry not the best pics but tires are in excellent shape
  6. New Jersey 5 BFG 285/70/17 Rubicon tires $750 OBO

    I just put on 285/70/17 tires on my jeep a few months ago and have about 1000 miles on 4 of them and 0 miles on the spare. Great tires but I decided to go up to 35's I'm now switching to 315/70/17s and putting the 285s up for sale. They are like new, no off roading or damage, only a few months...
  7. Pennsylvania Used Wrangler duratracs 315/70r17

    sent PM, just realized how old this thread is spare still available
  8. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    From a base sport the adjustment in shifting is pretty pronounced going to 33s (not real noticeable for Sahara given factory 32s) your gas mileage calculation needs to be adjusted too....need to multiply the guard reading by tire diameter ratio change (probably around 6% off so that alone makes...
  9. Massachusetts SOLD: ARB Compressor CKMP12 w/ Case & 10# CO2 Tank, Regulator, Handle

    wish you were closer, great deal on the compressor
  10. Major Issues with Jeep/FCA/Mopar - OEM High Fender Flare LED Upgrade Kit

    I think you can add them as an option with JSCAN too...I did it with mine for wheel/tire size...I also ironically bought the rubicon fender flares with lights (I stuck with halogen) and found them to be a steal for what they included. I never trust dealers with mods and add ons regardless of...
  11. New Jersey WTB: OEM JL Sport Front Bumper

    I live in central NJ and have one sitting in my garage, I have the bar attached and extra tow hooks too if you want them. I live in Allentown 08501, work in Robbinsville and sometimes hopewell so could meet up anywhere in the central NJ area. Mike
  12. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    I totally agree, unfortunately the problem in NJ especially is trade in value.....if I buy outright then your post is right on the money but with trade in it is more about the difference in trade in value and cost for vehicle that you are buying.
  13. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    I often find the same with wranglers, it really is amazing selling a car for close to what you paid (I have had a lot of them). I do agree with you about Jeep Wrangler problems, at least in my experience they have been really reliable and so easy to work on and fix. only high cost with...
  14. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    I have run lease numbers a few times with other vehicles too, never seems to make sense unless you cannot afford to finance. I think leases are generally a good idea for those that own their own business (for deduction purposes I am told) and those that want to be in a vehicle that they cannot...
  15. Kentucky 2018 JLU new price 35 K

    where did you get the wrangler hood decal and is it matte black inside the red? looks good
  16. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    I'm a Jeep and Ford fan, currently have a raptor and JLU. I am certainly interested in it but probably not interested in buying it as I have enough money into vehicles as it is. it does look pretty cool though and I loved the old broncos. I just think pricing is going to be too high but you...
  17. North Carolina 17" Mopar Slotted Wheels (Set of 5)

    those are great wheels, wish I saw this earlier....just bought new from dealer a couple weeks ago and have a trip planned to N. Carolina in July. GLWS
  18. stock rubicon tire size

    I switched mine to 32.00, seems about right (speedo reads about 1% fast which I think is about what stock is supposed to be)