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  1. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    I figured it out!! I ended up tracing all wires from jl side for correct power output while boosting trailer brake manually and everything was reading ok. So I traced all wires from my brand new 2021 enclosed trailer and found a ground wire not fully connected in cable management box?? so I...
  2. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    I just picked up my 2021 6x12TA enclosed yesterday in Tucson and drove back home with no brakes so its sitting in my drive way I doubt its any issues on trailer side.
  3. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    factory tow, It is suposed to be plug and play but no brakes, and controller says not connected cant figure it out.
  4. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    ya sorry I meant to say 3073 p
  5. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    I have the Tekonsha 3073 p in my JL and everything works but the elctric brake??? I got lights, turns, hazards but just 2 little lights on the tekonsha Primus Iq? I tried the other pigtail and everything worked fine except when you hit the boost the dash goes ape shit. I also blew a 30amp fuse...
  6. AEV Snorkel installed

    looks good, i was gonna go that route but i have the mopar LED light brackets mounted there and they wouldnt fit.
  7. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    I took my vehicle in for the off road pages 4 weeks ago, i was at dealership for 4.5hrs when the service advisor came out and said they had to download the update to a usb drive then upload into my radio and it would take another 2 hours. I left and resccefuled for following week. I arrived and...
  8. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    Still waiting on mine been 5 months!! I think uconnect is full of sh. T
  9. Steering wheel wobble?

    Hello, I was in the same boat guys!! 2in Mopar lift with 37in tires and after lift installed i had some bump steer, not complete death wobbel but bad bump steer when I hit a pot hole, RR crossings ect. I took it to my local off road shop and they went thru it top to bottom and set my caster and...
  10. 2018 Rubicon JLU - 35x12.5s, Fuel Maverick 17x9, 15% tint, hood wrap

    thanks I did the center wrap but I like yours, m gonna stop by my wrap shop and see!! thanks
  11. Smittybilt XRC

    Looks great man!! im doing mine this weekend, had sum custom painting and other stuff to do butt ill post sum pics, how was the install do you have any tips?
  12. ACE JL Stand Alone Tire Carrier Prototype - Spy Shot

    Go troll another thread And yes I am an Engineer, and all of those points were valid, as this is the ONLY tire carrier made by any company with out an adjustable height bracket, a feature that to me should of been in the first mock up, as well as the angled Roto-Pac mounts that stick out for...
  13. ACE JL Stand Alone Tire Carrier Prototype - Spy Shot

    I was going to order this but there are a few things I do not like that were never answered. Why is the height not adjustable? if every size tire fits in the same location the bigger the tire the worse the view out of rear window. Im assuming this JL is running 37in tires from what I can see and...
  14. Evo Mfg Body Mounted Tire Carriers - Available Now!

    just a heads up man, 95% of steel is exported from china!!! if you can tell the difference from USA steel and China steel please let us know.
  15. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    Honestly it is not worth the money for the limited features you get. Its nice to shut some features off to eliminate warning lights and so on but over all if i had to do it again I would of went with the tazer.
  16. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    Any idea if the superchips tunner will block the OTA update?
  17. Rugged Ridge JL Wrangler Products & Build [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    As with any of these vendors I would not expect these new products to come to market anytime soon. Those bumpers are well designed and IMO prolly the best design out there witch sucks because now I have to wait even longer for bumpers.