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  1. Help, unmarried/remarried tazer and now I lost my cargo cam?!

    So I have the Tazer JL with 11.1.4 and it's been working great but yesterday I decided to upgrade the firmware. I unmarried the tazer and and took the device down to my laptop (windows 10) to upgrade it. Well my computer would not recognize the device. I tried 5 cables and several usb slots. Oh...
  2. Device was not found

    My windows 10 computer is unable to find the device too. I've tried 4 different cables and different usb ports. nothing works. :(
  3. Replacing floor carpeting with rubber or vinyl
  4. Simple yes no question related to ARB twin

    Yes. Purple is your positive wire that goes to any aux switch. Black is the ground.
  5. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    The rear metal bumper can push into the body if you come down on a rock on the corners. Lots of people have had it happen including myself. The front bumper is pretty good though.
  6. Towing over 3500 lb boat

    I tow pretty much the same boat, bayliner 192, and it does just fine. I never take it on the highway though. I’ve got my popcorn ready, waiting for this thread to explode with experts on towing. :CWL:
  7. Any Jack mounts that will fit the Mopar tire carrier?

    I have since switched to a different jack mount because I didn’t like having to unbolt the jack to remove it. I think the one I have now is from rugged ridge. As for the mopar tailgate reinforcement, I’m sure it helps somewhat from twisting but couldn’t say by how much. If I was to buy something...
  8. Wheels with removable rash rings

    AEV Borah wheels.
  9. For Sale BedTred 4DR JL kits New in Box! Oregon

    Perhaps you should try kijiji, craigslist or Facebook marketplace?
  10. Battery is dead a 3rd time.

    The BlackVue camera can easily drain your battery overnight if it is hooked up to constant power. There are devices that you can buy that will shut off the camera if the voltage drops too low. This is a must if connecting to constant power. I would hate to see you ruin your new batteries.
  11. For Sale BedTred 4DR JL kits New in Box! Oregon

    Man that’s a good deal. I’m surprised no one has jumped on it yet. I have a set in my jeep and I love it. Super easy to clean up if you have a dog
  12. The new AEV Borah wheels for the JL

    If you have a Rubicon with its wider axles and 35” tires then you will be fine. Not sure about any bigger tires though. I have zero rubbing with JL bora wheels with the 2.5 metalcloak lift. No spacers.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I'd like to make a hydraulic one somehow. Might need to bring in my neighbor's son who is an engineer.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What height are those ramps? I wouldn't mind building a set.
  15. I’ve been thinking about trimming my rear steel bumper

    I ended up getting a new bumper before I tried cutting the stock one and I’m glad I did. The stock bumper would have been a twisted mess after the Rubicon trail. I guess I’m not as good a driver as I thought I was :CWL:
  16. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    12.7V is practically fully charged. I doubt you will ever have trouble starting the jeep from that.
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    So what’s it for?
  18. Color matched vinyl for factory paint?

    Isn’t that just called clear? edit: oh I suppose you want to wrap something else
  19. Show Your Badges of Honor On Your Rig

    Omg I’m so jealous! Being from Canada, it’s hard to collect them. I have one from the Rubicon trail which I did last summer. Best trip of my life