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  1. Minnesota Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale

    I’d you have a couple photos that would be great. Thanks.
  2. Minnesota Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale

    Intersted if you still have these. I am local. (Work in Eagan, Live in western WI)
  3. Service Stop/Start System Warning Light - P2AF6

    Ours is in for service currently for a bad driver door latch wiring connection. It was a fault up in the latch not the wiring connection. Noticed the same thing with ESS working great when the doors were off. Put the doors on, ESS failure message and it would not recognize if the door was...
  4. All Those from Minnesota!

    How was your sport out in Moab? We have a almost the identical jeep that we picked up last month in Redwing, MN. Ocean Blue Manual transmission steel wheels. Wasn't considering driving on our trip, but now you have me thinking...