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  1. Alternatives for Backup Camera Placement

    Only other worthwhile place I've seen is the center of the rear bumper.
  2. New Headlights Damage BCM?

    Again, your particular situation being unique. Your dealership is taking a hard stance because they simply refuse to fix your particular issue. Many people on this forum, and others, have installed aftermarket headlights (and other parts/items) without issue.
  3. New Headlights Damage BCM?

    Your situation is unique. Adding aftermarket headlights will not void a warranty.
  4. New Headlights Damage BCM?

    Do you know how a vehicle warranty works? You can add aftermarket parts to the vehicle. There's nothing that says they are "un-authorized". Your warranty cannot be voided simply for doing that. Go through all the build threads and you can see what others have added to their vehicles. There...
  5. Adding remote start to Uconnect

    The info you've found is correct.
  6. Looking for my fellow Long there anybody out there?

    Hello from North Merrick.
  7. Has a solution been found for radio interference and LED's yet?

    Try different ground and power points. Many of us have headlights with DRLs without any radio issues.
  8. Smell from the AC
  9. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    Shipping is free: "Free domestic USPS Priority Mail shipping"
  10. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start Use code GMTRUCKS (yeah, I know) for $15 off the normal $99 price.
  11. White light led DRL on sport

    That's just for polarity, if they don't illuminate when initially installed.
  12. White light led DRL on sport

    No. Unfortunately, that's how the switchbacks work. When DRLs are set to turn signal, the vehicle's turn signal circuit is activated, therefore the switchback lights up amber. As mentioned, I've spent hours on this trying every possible setting combination.
  13. Most economical upgrade to Alpine Premium audio system

    If you were planning on upgrading, why get the Alpine system in the first place? The Alpine speakers are matched specifically for the JL. You'll likely make things worse my adding in different speakers. Also, you won't gain anything by simply changing out speakers without upgrading/changing...
  14. Most economical upgrade to Alpine Premium audio system

    I don't think you'll get many responses to your question. Most people who choose the Alpine system choose to stick with it, as it sounds extremely good for the price paid.
  15. Experience with Oracle Lighting Switchbacks

    Any decent set of switchbacks should not require a load resistor. They should have what is needed built in. To answer your question, yes that is how swirtchbacks work.
  16. Experience with Oracle Lighting Switchbacks

    If you want a lower cost alternative that work extremely well, look at these: I've been running them for 6 months without issue. They are plug-and-play.
  17. Wrangler Jl turn signal out error even after programmed

    Unfortunately that's how switchbacks work when used as DRLs. It's because the turn signal circuit is activated when DRLs are on. That's the amber part of the switchback bulb. There is no way around this other than to disable DRL. I tired every combination available in the JSCAN app to try to...
  18. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    I just received and installed my Carlinkit 2.0 adapter. Everything appears to be working without issue. My question is, what happens if the vehicle is remote started and my phone is not in range? Will my phone connect once I'm close enough to the vehicle?
  19. Aftermarket LED tail lights & front turn signals?

    I went with these: