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  1. Opinions needed: Best frame mounted Rock Sliders that serve well for body protection and as a step?

    Stay away from a company called TAC ( truck accessory company)!!!! Horrible company their products look good and their reasonably priced but they do not stand behind their warranty and their products are cheaply made. Avoid them!!!
  2. Great companies, products and customer service.

    I was wondering which companies and products people have had good experience with or bad experience with so we can frequent them or avoid them.
  3. Rocknob on Transfer Case Shifter?

    I was just looking at something like the attached picture. I really don't know much about them for the transfer case which is what I'm looking for. Most seem to have an adapter but only one screw to tighten it down. I'm wondering will this be tight enough especially on the transfer case where it...
  4. Jumped my Jeep this morning

    Thank you very informative. Can you post the link you mentioned.
  5. Fluid film undercarriage protection?

    Thanks for your reply. I was going between the CRC and the fluid film I want with the fluid film for the frame and undercarriage because it seemed like it was thicker and would last longer, the CRC as I read seems to be more for electronics, correct me if I'm wrong. Can I use the CRC and the...
  6. Fluid film undercarriage protection?

    Hi I live in the Midwest where Winters are brutal and the salt is killer.I want to protect the undercarriage of my vehicle and all of its parts I heard good things about fluid film. Is this safe 4 my factory undercoating it said on the can it may degrade some factory undercoatings? I got the...
  7. Wax. White residue left on wrangler sport hardtop.

    Thanks!!!! Can I use the ice past with the same results? Is this protective? I live in Chicago so I get the worst of all weather here. I need extrem summer heat and sun and winter salt and snow protection. I have had great success with mothers California gold wax but that is just on normal...
  8. Wax. White residue left on wrangler sport hardtop.

    I'm looking for a good wax that does not leave white residue on my Wrangler sport hardtop. So far every wax I use still leaves a residue. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Blacking out grille insert permently.

    I wanted to black out an American flag grille insert I have, I want it to be permanent. I want to be able to see the flag as in the picture below and I don't want it to chip off and go into my radiator or motor. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. 3.6L ESS Battery Diagram

    So I'm just putting the clamps from the charger directly on the clamps of the main battery? Doing this will not harm my electrical system? Thanks
  11. 3.6L ESS Battery Diagram

    How did you charge both batteries? I was always told to disconnect the the terminals from the battery and just charge the battery directly. Otherwise there's a possibility damaging electrical system or taxing it heavily.
  12. Battery charging

    Does anyone know about charging the battery or actually both batteries with an external charger?
  13. Dual Battery Questions

    Thanks for all your help everyone. Its all very confusing.
  14. Dual Battery Questions

    Everything I'm reading on line says you can't just jump it like a regular battery which would mean you probably can't charge it like a regular battery, plus how can you charge the Aux battery? They both need to be charged.
  15. Dual Battery Questions

    I had some questions about the battery I can seem to find any answers online to. How do I charge both batteries? How can I jump start the Jeep if both batteries work together? What type of battery are they, lead acid, AGM....? Thanks
  16. Grille insert and warranty

    I would agree with that but what about the possibility of air flow restriction?
  17. Grille Inserts for JL Sport

    I was looking at those very nice but will that void my warranty due to the possibility of air flow restriction?
  18. Grille insert and warranty

    I bought grille insert from a company called under the sun. Does anyone know if this could void my warranty?