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  1. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    I got a notice in the mail that these FCA electronic issues would qualify under the lemon law (some lawyers trying to make a buck). My radio has the same quirks and I figure I’ll just deal with it. At least now it won’t freeze up when I connect my iPhone. I saw on crutchfield some double din...
  2. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    I've had this issue for the last year. Was rare at the beginning but it happens from a dead stop every time now. I don't want to be in and out of dealerships all the time so I'm wondering if I should just save up for and install Rubi take-offs and be done with it. This is only for the LSD D44...
  3. Whacked out Temps!! From 194 to 260 back to 201??

    I've been experiencing the same issue recently. I'm curious if there's been a remedy? Taking my Jeep to the dealer tomorrow. 3.6, manual, sport s 2018 model.
  4. Recommended trails near LA?

    Rowher flats is a little east of valencia. It has a great trail that can be up and back or straight thru if you don’t mind a couple steep declines. Light to moderate difficulty mostly because some sections are very steep.
  5. BLD, traction control and 4lo climbs + mild disappointment

    Hopefully they fix it in a software update. I’ve since learned that I gotta give it some beans and/or feather the clutch a little when dealing with tough obstacles. The BLD does a pretty good job but they need to slip and slippage causes instability. Not ideal since there’s less...
  6. Cool Tech CB and Flat Tow Installation

    Just did part of the cool tech last night. I half-assed it a little at the tailgate - I removed that big circular grommet on the tailgate and created a grommet by wrapping electrical tape on the wire and shoving it into the hole and wrapping more tape to cover it. Edit: one last piece of...
  7. Meet and greet run

    I'll be out of town but definitely interested in more weekend trips if you plan any in the future! I have a buddy with a LWB TJ that also wants to hit some trails. We were planning on Mojave last month but life happened, lol. Also, you may want to join City Slicker 4x4 and post your plans...
  8. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    Bummer - looks like it's been resetting again on mine after the update :( Darn.
  9. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    Just wanted to update this. I took it into the dealer week ago and they reflashed it. So far so good!
  10. Which JKS Swaybar Disconnect for Mopar 2" Lift?

    I held off on buying these. People say they’re a pita. That said, from what I gathered, the mopar lift is closer to 3.5 inches for the sport and 2 inches on the rubicon.

    Thanks for sharing! I ordered my titanium top over a month ago so hopefully I get it soon lol.
  12. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    Thanks for the update! I'll also be taking it in next week. I'll try to report back.
  13. Sun shade for JL Wrangler

    They clearly didn't think the whole JL community would find out about them at once, haha. Good on them for being one of the first to market AND for making the best solution on the market. I ordered 5/10 and just called them - they said it'll hopefully ship by early next week. Judging by the...
  14. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    Can you explain a little more as to how you came to the conclusions that: 1. the dealer won't have a resolution and 2. that a software update isn't already available for this? This info would be helpful for me and others with the same issue.
  15. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    Ya. I gotta take it in to the dealer and get it sorted out.
  16. Rock Crawl Traction Control Mode (non Rubicon)

    Nice - did you disconnect your swaybars? If so, do you use a quick disconnect? Been trying to figure out what to get (got the mopar lift).
  17. Rock Crawl Traction Control Mode (non Rubicon)

    With all the money spent on lockers and axles, I'm surprised no-one came up with a traction control map for rock crawling. It can potentially offer a much cheaper, less invasive solution for most people. I think the BLD can be better if it applied brakes more aggressively/quicker on...
  18. Which JKS Swaybar Disconnect for Mopar 2" Lift?

    There are two sizes, 0-2" lift and 2.5-6" lift. 0-2" 2.5-6" When the shop installed my...
  19. Offroading Clubs

    ^^^ That's some good info, thanks!