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  1. Old Man Emu BP-51

    I love those shocks. I have a set sitting on the shelf at the shop waiting to go onto my jl. Not cheap at all but tons of adjustability for the money plus internal bypass. I've had them on a whole lot of my jk builds and on my Tacoma. It's one of my favorite shocks out there.
  2. ARB air compressor mounting bracket

    I did but it only was made to fit the small. So if you arent running one just for lockers it's not going to work. The large was just a little to big to fit on that bracket
  3. ARB air compressor mounting bracket

    Here is that last pic I have of it. My final one has a camera mount built in. Then off to laser for production. Dual arb bracket may take a little work before its production ready. Its tight under the hood but I did have it in there with room to spare.
  4. ARB air compressor mounting bracket

    working on it. I just finished my last prototype rear tailgate bracket and next week i'm working on the dual setup.
  5. What's Your Gas/Water Can Mounting Configuration?

    I wasnt planning on running a spare so built this. Setup for two rotopax and moves the plate to the center. The plate is on a hinge so it flips up if you need to access the rotopax. Used a rigid chase light for the third brake light and plate light as well as a backup light.
  6. 40'S on your JL

    Reach out to shad from crawler conceptz. He has them on there. So does dan from motobilt.
  7. Cut fenders?

    Mine is missing a bracket that the artec piece would bolt to. Cut it off before we left for moab before I knew they used that. One day I'll design another piece to put in place. Even without that though it is really sturdy. The inners are also artec. They fit great and look really good.
  8. Cut fenders?

    Ended up getting some brackets from artec. Fixed the floppy fender issue and added some marker lights at the same time.
  9. Exhaust w/ flapper valve

    If you wanted something like that check out quick time performance. They have or are about to release a jl setup. They did the prototype on ours. Ours has the wireless setup and is controlled by a controller on our keychain. Also is hooked up to the garage door opener if you wanted to use...
  10. 40'S on your JL

    I'm sure you don't have to change the axles and I'm not the design team who designed the new axles but my guess is that they aren't designed for 40s if you plan on using them offroad without being cautious with throttle. I see plenty of dana 44s come through with broken spider gears and other...
  11. ARB air compressor mounting bracket

    I have one more project I'm working on right now. As soon as that one is complete I can go back to this project.
  12. Hydro Assist Steering

    I had the frame models jk vs jl and the steering box bolts are very very close to being exact fit. One hole has to be moved for it to work. I know a few guys who have done it this way already so it is possible. You do need to run a cooler to keep the temps down or it will throw a error as I...
  13. ARB air compressor mounting bracket

    It was close but didn't work with that mount. I did find a spot for it under the hood but will take some time to build a test one.
  14. ARB air compressor mounting bracket

    We made a quick mount to do our single under the hood for the lockers. We are going to toss a arb large on it tomorrow to confirm fitment.
  15. Spiderweb Shade Alternative?

    They are straps. You don't have to fold the windshield down at all to install it. If it gets a little nicer up in jersey i'll pull the top and snap a few pics for you of it all
  16. Spiderweb Shade Alternative?

    Dirty dog 4x4 has a setup. It's a 2 piece design sunshade. I had it in my jk and the quality is just as nice in the jl. We have it on ours along with the rear nets as well.
  17. Artec Industries JLUR Fender Chop Kit

    Ours is running 40s and 2.5 rock krawler. We have 3" of added bumpstop and removed the lower section of the flare. We do have these artec brackets. Love them. Fit is awesome and gets rid of the floppy fenders when you pull the inner out
  18. Tazer vs Flashcal vs other JL programmers

    We have the tazer. I love it. Very simple to use and program. The owner is active and willing to keep updating the product with new features which is always nice. Honestly in the shop I'm sure we will stock both for our customers
  19. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    I'll snap some pics later this week. We added some artec fender brackets which incorporate lights into them.
  20. RR Fox Shocks for JL

    Ryan is the man over at Accutune. He does great work. I've never gotten anything from him that was less than amazing