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  1. Test drove my first ever Wranglers today. Thoughts and help with concerns please

    " With that good of a heater, is the cold weather group still worth it?" I'm not sure if anyone mentioned it yet but I find it very nice how when I have the HVAC on "Auto", it automatically starts the seat and steering wheel heater when the temperature drops below 30 degrees (I think that's the...
  2. Bourbon talk...

    Daily whiskies: Henry McKenna Bottle in Bond and Uncle Nearest 1856 Best bottles current: Stagg Jr and Weller 12yr
  3. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    Not quite a muscle car although it has plenty of muscle!
  4. **ALL NEW** LOD Offroad Armor Lite Rock Sliders - Coming Soon!!!

    Just received mine yesterday. They were packed very well in two separate boxes. The install went fairly smoothly. The directions are pretty good but do leave some room for improvement. The sliders themselves are of excellent quality and made very well. They look and work great!
  5. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Very good information, thank you. Also, I like how you've mounted the rack to the RTT and just unhook the rack when you want it off. I bet that's a lot less hassle than trying to unmount the RTT.
  6. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Awesome, thank you for posting these photos. I have your Sarge Green Rubi's twin. I also have a FSR M60 RTT. And I've been watching this thread to see if this is the rack I should get for my setup. I do believe you just confirmed it for me!
  7. Rollnjack Hardtop Lift

    This looks like it would work well. Except if you have any hardtop headliner installed. It seems it would leave indentations in the headliner material at the contact points. Can anyone who owns this verify?
  8. Turbo vs V6?

    I test drove JL's with the V6 and turbo4 (non-etorque) back to back. To me, the turbo 4 had more low end power around the city. And then when I compared for interstate driving, the turbo 4 had more steam left at high speeds while the V6 seemed like it was a lot softer at those speeds. However...
  9. Good Deals Right Now!

    I agree about the good deals to be had right now. It's also true that many dealers have very low inventory. In my case, I had to look at a lot of dealerships to find exactly what I wanted + a good deal + a good trade in value. At the end, I got exactly the JLUR in the color I wanted with 8%...
  10. 2.0 Bolt-on Engine Mods Lacking?

    The Mishimoto IC pipe and GFB DV+ seem like very reasonably priced upgrades. How much of an improvement does it make?
  11. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    I used to have Schrockworks rails on my old JKU. Those were very good quality and it was obvious after owning that Jeep for more than 12 years that they did the powder coating properly as it didn't rust/flake until many years into ownership. On the other hand other steel accessories on my old...
  12. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    I bought an 08 JKU new and have had it since. It was a good vehicle but was getting to be high mileage. I really liked all the updates that have been done with the JLU so I traded it in for a JLUR this week! Here they are next to each other. Out with the old and in with the new!