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  1. MetalCloak 2.5" True Dual vs Dynatrac Enduro 2"

    You will get much more than 2.5". I installed the 2.5 True Dual Rate on my JLU Sahara and measured 4.5 up front, 4" in back. The 2.5" label is for a Rubi. As to the lift, I love it. Great quality, really good ride. I have about 5K miles on it now and 0 complaints.
  2. Jeep Accessories - Any that are NOT made in China?

    It took me 40 years to learn that there is nothing more expensive than a cheap product. Make the effort to buy US. That's a priority for me as of late and it's actually proven more cost effective in the long run.
  3. {CLOSED} GIVEAWAY: 1-Minute Entry to Win Gift Card $$$

    Ryan Watts. Hi-clopse
  4. Witnessed the worst case of "death wobble" I have ever seen...

    I have not had a wobble issue in my JLU Sahara recently lifted with Metalcloak and 35's. However, I've been a long time XJ'r and as such have had many hairy death wobble situations at speeds >65mph. It's terrifying at first, but #1 rule is to not panic. Make small movements, lightly tap brakes...
  5. What wheels and size tires are these?

    I am going to retract my guess and back up @DOOKEY on the Dirty Life
  6. What wheels and size tires are these?

    The Wheels look to be Vision Nemesis which I have on. The tires appear to be Patagnoia M/Ts but I am not so sure of that. look to be 35s.
  7. Rc 2.5 spacer vs 2.5 metal cloak

    I have a JLU Sahara and the MC 2.5 gave me 4.5" up front, 4 in back. That was right after install, there will be some settling, but probably not that much. It's been about a month, I need to remeasure to see what if any settling has occurred.
  8. Does anyone adjust headlights after lift?

    I've had my lift on for about a month now. 2.5" Metalcloak True Dual Rate (amazing), and I have noticed a lot of people flashing their bright's at me as if I have my high beams on. Thinking about it, it makes sense, I gained 4.5" with the lift and another 1.5" from my tires, so the headlights...
  9. Rubicon fuel economy (3.6L manual transmission)?

    JLU Sahara 6-speed manual - 35" tires - 2.5" Lift Current MPG all around is ~16 when naked, closer to 17.5 with top and doors on. I was about 18-19 before tires, lift didn't change much. I use only high-tier gas 87 octane. Disclaimer: I drive like an a-hole, accelerate quickly and am usually...
  10. Uconnect periodically has no sound.

    @Rhinebeck01 is correct. That is the known workaround and works for me. It actually wasn't much of a problem until my xm subscription ran out, even though I rarely used it. Perhaps it's just a coincidence.. perhaps. I've read somewhere here or there that there might be an update which fixes...
  11. Why do JL owners do this?

    I have (had) that glass as well. Be careful dropping that ice in, last week it broke the thin glass around the "pew" piece and the crunchy ice I was chewing on turned out to be pieces of glass. Better than fiber... Ahem

    Yeah after going through gallery, this is 100% JL reskinned with a new engine (optional).

    It does look like a JL ate a Pontiac Aztec and has indigestion.

    I ran across this guy cruising down 465 in Indianapolis on Sunday. Curious about everyone's thoughts on this vehicle? I personally have mixed feelings, it is in someways gorgeous and other times hideous. The features look very fun, I just wonder how it truly preforms, starting at $150,000 it...
  15. Installing a 2.5" lift in my garage myself?

    I just did mine last weekend with a buddy who has done a few suspension at home on cars and trucks, never a jeep lift, and I have pretty good mechanical experience, but none with suspension. Give yourself all day, or better yet a weekend. I did a Metalcloak that was essentially bolt on, which I...
  16. Giveaway of the Month - August 2020 -- JL Wrangler HD Drag Link

    this will help me finish off last weekend's Metalcloak True Dual Rate 2.5 install
  17. Harbor Freight Jackstand recall!

    Hein-Warner Automotive was the last link you posted., most likely NOT American made, from their page: About SFA Companies Shinn Fu Company of America, Inc (SFA) performs its functions in marketing, sales, service and distributing products throughout North, Central and South America. Over...
  18. Giveaway of the Month - August 2019 - Your Choice of a Frame-Built Front Bumper plz and thx