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  1. Pennsylvania

    I'm signing up for the guided Green ride at Rausch on Jan 19 if anyone is interested
  2. MetalCloak Suspension options

    I am looking at a MetalCloak 2.5 inch lift. My question is to those who have lift experience. The game changers edition lift is $730 more than Rocksport edition. The question is, if I go with the Rocksport edition will I likely end up investing in the parts to make it a Gamechanger. That would...
  3. Giveaway of the Month

    Orange is the new black.
  4. Pennsylvania

    If you can't find anyone, there is a guided ride that Saturday called the Turkey Trot. goodluck.
  5. Pennsylvania

    Looks good. Wish I could get to Rausch this weekend, but I will be out of town. I need to get back to some off-roading.
  6. Pennsylvania

    any pictures yet?
  7. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Yes, my comments only apply to Carova beach. Corolla/Carova - North end of the Outer Banks. No permit required to drive, but parking permits are required on the Friday before Memorial Day until 11:59pm on Labor Day. Parking permit information can be found here. This is the place to see the...
  8. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    This says permit only if you park on the beach.
  9. question about the Metalcloak gamechanger Rocksport lift

    Do you have any pics of the lift installed? I'm interested to see how it looks without changing tires.
  10. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    I think you only need a permit if you plan to park. If you are just beach cruising, you dont need a permit.
  11. Pennsylvania

    Sounds fun. I wont be able to make Nov 10th. I may end up signing up for Nov 24 at Rausch Creek.
  12. Outside Temp reading & Compass

    Thanks for that info. Unfortunately, I have had a few times that it was stuck at one temperature after several hours on the road. Sounds like i need to replace the sensor.
  13. Outside Temp reading & Compass

    I have had this issue a few times. Have you found a solution?
  14. Pennsylvania

    Depending on the date, I would be interested in AOAA too.
  15. 2" Mopar Lift lifted my JL 6"

    Got any photos?
  16. Pennsylvania

    I had a great time at the class. The weather was perfect. I had no previous experience with any type of off-road vehicle, so this was all new to me. It was a great way to learn some of the off road features you have with the JL. Kyle was a great instructor. Its nice knowing that the JL can...
  17. Pennsylvania

    hey firemadz how old is your son? I was debating bringing my 6 year old along, but my wife seems to think its a bad idea.
  18. Pennsylvania

    @aculd4 Thats awesome! What color JL do you have?
  19. Pennsylvania

    Cool. I signed up for the 16th. I am itching to get off road and see what this thing can do.
  20. Pennsylvania

    Hi all, So now that I have had my JL for a few months, I am ready to take that off road 101 class at Rausch Creek. I wanted to post to see if anyone else is interested. I was looking at sunday, sept 16th. I am Jeep newbie, so I want to test her out...