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  1. Texas Rubicon wheels/tires

    How many miles?
  2. Colorado FS: 5 x stock Rubicon wheels and tires.

    How much would shipping to ct be? Guessing it would be a few hundred
  3. Connecticut WTB Rubicon tire and/or wheel takeoffs

    Looking for some tires or wheel and tire combo off a rubicon or Moab in the northeast! I’m open to anything but street tires (ko2, km2, etc). just need to get the stock tires off my sport s haha
  4. Seat cooler?

    So from what i gather it’s just an occupancy sensor for the airbags... or possibly a fart collector, will look up the number when i get home tonight though haha
  5. How many baseball caps have you lost with top and doors off?

    Had my hat fly off with the freedom panels down on the highway... not a fun stop... crossed 2 lanes of traffic, i really liked that hat... i over tighten them now or just put em on the seat headrest (Disclaimer; never chase a hat onto the highway, don't be an idiot)
  6. Seat cooler?

    And it’s connected to a reservoir of some sorts... starting to think jeep may have added an Easter egg unless someone can crush my dreams of a Jeep with cooled seats
  7. Seat cooler?

    Just noticed this weird looking peice under my seat while digging for dropped change, been questioning its function, maybe something with pressurized detection for the airbag system? It seems to be running through a sensor so that would make sense too but I’m at a loss...(also it’s not the...
  8. California Rubicon Suspension take off and driveshaft

    U think it’s under 200lbs? That seems to be the $100 mark for shipping to ct
  9. New York Tan SOLD

    Would u meet halfway? I’m in CT n have been looking for a tan top for awhile
  10. Pennsylvania 2018 OEM JLUR Rock Rails (Philly Area)

    Would u be willing to ship or meet halfway? I’m in CT so it’s a few hours away
  11. Nevada 2018 JLU Premium Black Sunrider Soft Top, Rubicon Rock Rails and Jeep Accessories Roof Rails

    Still have the roof rails? Would be willing to purchase ASAP if so
  12. Montana FS: Rubicon Fenders And Rock Rails

    Let me know if willing to ship, looking for some rubicon fenders but not many spare parts over in ct
  13. Connecticut 2019 Rubicon 4 door Rock Rails

    If that guy doesn’t get em i can pick up this weekend- I’m in central ct/Hartford area, been looking for some of these for awhile
  14. Clutch Engagement Issue

    I have the exact same problem as op, bringing it in this Monday n hopefully can get it resolved
  15. What's the first thing I should do with my new love?!

    Did this, love this, except don’t kill it in the first mud puddle lmao, those crossmembers dent easier then foil
  16. What's "Normal" gauge readings?

    Normal running temps for oil/coolant is Oil-195 on road 210-220 off road Coolant- 195 on road 210-220 off road Manual transmission is the same but it hovers around 200 on road for the oil and coolant These are just my observations from about 6,000 miles of driving on and...