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  1. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    I am pretty sure case law has been settled in the past that FCA or any other manufacturer offering after the sale accessory and/or performance parts is not obligated to honor the base vehicle warranty for offering such parts. With few exceptions and usually if the MOPAR part was installed prior...
  2. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    +1 Most if not all vehicle sales/buyers contracts that people sign will have either a block with language stating the dealership is not responsible for verbal promises they make or held to the accuracy of any comments or statements they make. Anything that is not already explicityly stated in...
  3. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    Let me try and hopefully get my point I was trying to make across. I work with 15 other engineers. Performance metrics could be made to rank each engineer from #1 to #15. While it would be a true statement to say engineer #15 is the worst in the group, it does not mean he is a bad engineer...
  4. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    That is only a 8% difference in the delta between Jeep and Buick in that ranking. Totem Pole stacking/ranking does not show the real world difference .
  5. Do not ever EVER forget to unpair your Tazer, you WILL pay

    Bullshit also. Unless a life or death circumstance, rules from a business perspective are meant to be applied the same every time regardless. Word gets out to your customer base of "one off" exceptions and then you are inundated for the same exception. To a lot of people, they have a sliding...
  6. Performing Own Oil Changes

    Reminds me of the Tweek character on South Park. Spazzing on both ends of the spectrum.
  7. Unbelieveable Service (radio issue)

    FWIW, the FCA warranty terms and conditions booklet allows them use to re-manufacture, reconditioned and repaired parts in the use of warranty repairs.
  8. Do not ever EVER forget to unpair your Tazer, you WILL pay

    ZAutomotive will not miss your business.
  9. FCA lack of quality check

    Sounds like a loose ground issue. Sad part is the warranty reimbursement rate to the dealerships does not incentivize them to actually put someone on it with the time needed to track down such an issue. This is where you get the cannot duplicate and return to customer to rinse and repeat and...
  10. Scotty says the Wrangler SUCKS

    Scotty Kilmer is a living "Old man yells at clouds" meme.
  11. Jeep Dealer charging 2K to install Mopar 2 Inch Lift Kit!!!!

    $2000 sounds like "go away" pricing. They really do not want to be bothered with it as they have other paid work they can knock out quicker for below book time and quote astronomical pricing is to make you go away and if you happen to bite, then it is worth their time to do it at quote. I know...
  12. AEV is actually doing a sale! Uncharted times!

    Figures it would take a pandemic before AEV runs a sale.
  13. I need Legal advice...

    Took like 20 seconds to search the OP's topic posting to find the resolution. He started another thread that gives way more details than here.
  14. Fire result of transmission failure

    Good possibility. I have seen in other recalls where they will compensate if you have already done a repair replacement if you used OEM parts prior to a recall being issued. Caveat though is if your replacement parts were not part of the upgraded part numbers before the recall was issued, you...
  15. Fire result of transmission failure

    He is past the ability to do that once his insurance paid him out and the insurance company now owns that burnt shell and probably has already gone to auction for salvage scrap value.
  16. Fire result of transmission failure

    I have no skin in the game on this situation other than being a owner myself, but I find it quite telling on how they are handling your situation. Makes me wonder what would have happened if you had your burnt shell dropped off at the dealership how they would have handled this? Just because a...
  17. Fire result of transmission failure

    What a shit sandwich. Amazes me how these vehicle makers regardless of brand, just ghost their customers the second a fire is involved.
  18. Anyone considering trading their JL for a JT Gladiator?

    He has a point. Some groups are their own worse enemy projecting their insecurities on others to make themselves feel better. This everbody is an idiot if they do not like or do what I like wears thin.
  19. Hitch lock seized up!! Any ideas?!

    I have been through this myself and have cut off more than one hitch lock setup due to seizure of the lock assembly. I just now make a point of at least once a month during the winter months to clean, lubricate and exercise the lock mechanism.