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  1. Best way to get LED fender lights?

    Lasfit has a switchback bulb that works too. No resistor needed.
  2. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    I'd love to see what they look like on the inside. I see a crossover for the 1" dome tweet, but the magnet and woofer construction look a little wimpy.
  3. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    No they don't come with a cap. I put one in, because of the speaker size and Crutchfield recommendations. They are 4 ohm speakers, so I used a 133uF which should block < 300 Hz. You might be able to get away without the cap, but I suspect some of the reported problems might be due to that...
  4. Rear license plate?

    I drilled mine for all 4 front and rear. As mentioned, undersized bit and coarse threaded black screws with black rubber frame. I think it looks pretty good.
  5. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    When you say cross over, do you mean the bass blocker capacitor? I added those myself onto the 77Kicker25AB. They did not come with a cap. The stock speakers do have a small cap, and the kickers use the same connector with a jumper wire instead of a cap. It pretty easy to remove the jumper...
  6. New Jersey 5 Factory OEM rims/tires from 2020 JL

    I think your profile image is diminishing the market value. :CWL:
  7. Best all weather mats?

    I have the Mopar ones and they are great. The carpet already has a stamped cut out for the plug. The carpet just has a couple of small uncut connections to the side that have to be cut. The mats fit perfect and I can't imagine needing a deeper tray (and if you do... pull the rubber plugs out...
  8. I finally did it and took the plunge!!

    Wow! just wow... nice find.
  9. LED headlights in winter?

    So why do the bulbs need huge heat sinks and fans on the back?
  10. 1963 American Motors M422A1 Mighty Mite

    Very cool little unit. (But at that price I'll just buy a Mahindra). :blush:
  11. 3.6L vs 2.0 turbo?? Pros and cons of both??

    So, I'm just an unfrozen caveman, but what I do know from unfrozen caveman science is that a higher compression engine requires higher octane to prevent pre-ignition. Pre-ignition occurs because the gasoline will ignite easier at higher pressure (for a given amount of oxygen). The 3.6 is a...
  12. JL & JLU Wrangler Axle Gear Ratios: 3.45, 3.73, 4.10

    Anyone done a chart like this that includes the Sport 3.45 and 8 speed?
  13. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    I get compensated pretty well for my day job, and to be honest, I'm not your typical geek. When works over and I've written a bunch of code, I'd rather ride my bicycle, play my drums, ride my motorcycle, drive my Jeep, play with my grand kids and/or dog, go for a hike... there aren't enough...
  14. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I think I've been hypmotized! :involve:
  15. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    That's exactly what I did, and from what I've seen on this forum, you might want to use a highlight pen to highlight the parts on the TSB for your specific model. ;)
  16. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    That's a pretty attractive price. How was the install and fitment? Any issues with fitting OEM fogs?
  17. Finally took delivery. Scratches / gouges in paint. What do?

    Hard to judge exactly from the picture (zoomed out view for context would help), but I think living with it would be the best option. Just my humble opinion. I know your frustration. It sucks to buy something and have flaws like that. How many other people, if they didn't know it was there...
  18. Finally took delivery. Scratches / gouges in paint. What do?

    How bad is it? A new paint job is not without it's problems and will probably not match factory for durability, etc. I'd probably (without pictures hard to say) just write it off, and feel relieved in the fact that your jeep is no longer pristine and you don't have to worry about every little...
  19. What should i build out of this?...

    Great idea! Parts Express has everything you need. I've been thinking of doing one of their DIY kits, but now I need to wait until I have the Jeep Lift box. :like:
  20. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Well, because without a wink, it looses it's irony/sarcasm. Without irony/sarcasm, it's just some wanna be tough guy with a keyboard.