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  1. More tire questions...

    I wouldn’t mind 10-12mm. Opens a lot of wheel options. My front tires are tucked inside fender about .5-.75 right now stock. So maybe I can pull off a +10
  2. More tire questions...

    I am looking at 9” wide wheels. Think+18 is about as deep as I can go
  3. More tire questions...

    Sahara has no euro inserts.
  4. More tire questions...

    legally I can’t run negative offset here. Can’t be more than 1” outside fender. Am looking at a minimum of +18. No biggie can run a 285/70 which is 32.8 x 11.2
  5. More tire questions...

    2018 Sahara JL. Planning to upgrade the wheels to either 17x9 (very likely) or 20x9 (possible but need comfortable ride with it being my daily). I have been looking at the 285/70R17 Toyo OC’s 11.2” wide. Could I run a 33x12.5 without rubbing? My JL is completely stock, no spacers...
  6. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Took mine to Carman in New Castle, DE. i no longer have to keep adjusting to the left to keep it straight. The steering is a lot more responsive, similar to my wifes QX60. I looked to see if they did the replacement before I left the dealership...namely because I don't trust any...
  7. Metra Speaker Harness Polarity

    right. You do that on the new speaker...but how do you know if the polarity on the harness is reversed? i guess that is what I am asking
  8. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    after reading more about this, I'm positive that I'm experiencing this issue. Even after the alignment there's still wandering, and i can turn the wheel left and right a good amount before there is actual turning involved. I constantly need to keep the wheel turned left to stay straight. Now...
  9. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    so i had an alignment done about a month or so ago at Firestone after the local jeep dealer told me they didn't see anything wrong. I had complained about it drifting with a small amount of play in the steering wheel. Contacted another dealership about TSB 08-074-20 and was told, if they find...
  10. Wheel offset help

    So +18 would be about 1/4” further out + tire sidewall. Maybe 1-1.25” from fender
  11. Metra Speaker Harness Polarity

    I am electronically stupid but am replacing the 3.5” speakers soon. How do you test this stuff out to determine if the adapter wires need to be flipped?
  12. Stock Speaker Upgrade - What did you get?

    what do u mean clip and strip? I thought there was an adapter from metro or something?
  13. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    i thought about replacing the sub with a Fosgate but the alpine isn’t bad. did you need the metro adapters for the JL’s? what kind of trimming is needed for the dash with the reference? I know these are clearer but not as much bass as the JL or Kenwoods?
  14. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    I am upgrading the 3.5” speakers. In reading it seems like I’m use the reference speakers in the dash and the JL 3.5’s in the sound bar. doesn’t sound like there is a huge upgrade with any of the 4” speakers. the reference 3032’s...what model of the JL audio?
  15. Infinity Reference 3.5”

    Thinking about buying 4 of these to replace the dash and sound bar. Keep in mind I have the 8.4” upgraded head unit with sub. a) how much of an upgrade is it over the stock? b) do I need any additional wiring harnesses to make it match up with the factory plug?
  16. Delaware Rubicon Takeoffs

    This was too damn good to pass up. Hard top from mid October thru April 1, soft top from April 1 to October.
  17. Delaware Rubicon Takeoffs

    No rush. I just bought a premium soft top. That used up some money. So there is plenty of time. Definitely keep me in mind. Guy in Wilmington was selling some basically new but wasn’t budging off $1800 which I wasn’t going to pay. Long story short. Took the $1k for wheels and tires...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    went to Va got a soft top and installed for the remained of summer. took about an hour. Really easy.