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  1. Confirmed: 2021 Jeep Wranglers have new improved steering gear box (from TSB 08-074-20)

    Just had the TSB performed by Koons CDJR in Tyson’s VA. Man, what a night and day difference. I had a Falcon stabilizer, Yeti trackbar, and Synergy brace and they performed the TSB no questions asked. Super tight steering now, no more deadspot!
  2. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    I know I *can* do that, I guess I'm asking is if the dealer will be willing to do the TSB if I show up and it has the brace on it (or if I *have* to remove it, as it's a bit of a pain). I also don't have the factory one anymore and the new sector shaft nut is red loctited (per instructions from...
  3. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    If we have the Synergy steering brace installed, do we need to have it removed before having the TSB performed? Is it a PITA to have the box replaced with the steering brace installed?
  4. Maximus-3 JL Classic Hoop

    Does anyone have any pics of the classic hoop on the bumper with the end caps removed, ideally with driving lights in between?
  5. Rocks caught in crevice of fender flares

    I’ve gotten multiple pebbles they now live inside the fender flare as they fell through when trying to remove them. For the solid core, did you guys use the 1/4” or 3/8” size?
  6. The Jeep Wrangler is One of the Most Unreliable Cars of 2020

    +1, same here. They polled me and I was honest -- my 2020 JLUR need new radiator hoses at 2k miles, new tie rod end at 3k miles, and a new pitman arm at 5k miles. I love it and am not planning on trading it in, but it has been super unreliable for me (and this was before any mods).
  7. Not happy with my pieced together lift any suggestions?

    I think the Jeep looks fine the way it is. If you don't like it, would also recommend getting the Synergy starter kit and use the shock extensions the kit comes with, but you're definitely gonna need bigger tires to fill the wheelwell.
  8. White Letters Out?

    looks great. Mopar 2” kit?
  9. Washington, D.C. Teraflex Adjustable Front Track Bar + Mopar Extended LCA

    Synergy Stage 1 2", hasn't fully arrived yet so went back to OEM to try and sell this first
  10. Washington, D.C. Teraflex Adjustable Front Track Bar + Mopar Extended LCA

    For sale is a gently used Teraflex Alpine front adjustable trackbar for JL/JLU/JT. I used it for ~1000 miles but switched to the trackbar that came as a part of my liftkit instead. Retails for $289, yours for $200. Has light scuff marks from being mounted. Also have two brand new Mopar extended...
  11. Anyone tried 34X10.5x17 tires?

    I had the 34x10.50r17 KO2 and the 285/70r17 (33") KO2, and although the 34" KO2 was "supposed" to be taller, mounting on the same vehicle they were within 0.1" of each other. They were great, but definitely ran smaller than normal KO2's. I'd look at the 285/75r17 C-load Ridge Grappler instead
  12. Installing Mopar aux switches -- how much did it cost?

    Ended up picking up my JLUR this morning. I went with dealer A, they ended up wiring up some aux lights to it for a total quote of $550. They had estimated 4-5 hours, ended up taking nearly 7. It apparently is a major pain in the butt, and the biggest issue was getting the computer to recognize...
  13. Trouble with Mopar 3 piece bumper

    The OEM LED fog lights and regular fog lights have different mounting points. The steel bumper only supports the mounting points for the OEM LED, not the OEM regular. OP will need a custom bracket to change the mounting or will have to buy the LED fogs
  14. Trouble with Mopar 3 piece bumper

    The LED package is required from factory in order to select the steel bumper. The LED fog have different fitment and the bumper only supports them, not the incandescent. You’ll need to buy the LED fogs or find/create a bracket that will change the mounting points.
  15. Rancho RS9000XL are now here for the JL!

    @RanchoShocks are you running the march rebate again this year?
  16. Synergy Springs JLUR...

    Are you running the 4 door Sp2 or the 2 door? Debating doing the 2 door SP2 on my Rubi since I want a soft ride and pairing it with the Synergy 2" coils (are they a true 2", or more like 2.5?).
  17. So I’ve screwed something up...

    This happened to me. Get a ratchet strap, wrap it around the frame and the front axle, ratchet until the holes line up.
  18. Installing Mopar aux switches -- how much did it cost?

    For those of you have who have installed the Mopar switches and relays (82215798AD) auxiliary switch bank by the dealer, how much did the dealer charge you? I'm not sure what to expect, it doesn't seem like *that* much effort to me but maybe I'm mistaken? I have a quote from 3 dealers: Dealer...