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  1. Getting rid of that moth ball smell

    You might want to try this or wipe the area with white vinegar.
  2. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    Mine still looks pretty much like your before picture. Did you add some under bumper recovery points, if so, what are they please? They look interesting.
  3. Now I’m worried

    Good luck with your Sahara and thank you for your service.
  4. Any regrets going automatic?

    I grew up on manual transmissions and I truly still enjoy them. Having said that I have been diving automatics for a while now. I sometimes use the auto stick feature on a back road, not a manual but it can still be fun. By the way, no one in our family (nieces and nephews) under the age of...
  5. Service bulletin on steering problem.

    I was just told that the new redesigned steering box has been redesigned again. Anyone else hear that?
  6. Veterans Day

    Thank you to all my fellow veterans for your service and thanks to all those that support us, especially the families. Support means so much. Stay safe!
  7. 2018 JL STINGRAY - Fuel wheels w/ Falken 275/60 R20

    Nice looking JL, good luck with it. Thanks for your service.
  8. How many Jeeps have you owned?

    My first off-road vehicle was a 1972 Toyota FJ40 bought new followed by a couple of Toyota pickups. The FJ40 was a tank, I really liked it a lot. This is my first Wrangler and I have been impressed on how solid it feels. The Wrangler is quite luxurious compared to the FJ.
  9. Steering Service Bulletin Denied - Advice Please

    I had an appointment set up with my dealer to have the steering evaluated. The day before the appointment I received an email from the dealer stating the appointment would not need to be done and they were ordering the parts necessary for the replacement. The parts ar due in next week. I...

    I might have waved at you. Glad you had a nice trip.
  11. JL nose sits high?

    No it is not your eyes, the JL is definitely nose up. It doesn't help when you have a bunch of fishing and camera stuff in the back. The JL's with the leveling kits look much better. I might see about a leveling kit next spring.
  12. Poll: How important is a shovel in your 4 wheeling recovery arsenal?

    What is the mount you are using for the shovel? Looks interesting.
  13. Poll: How important is a shovel in your 4 wheeling recovery arsenal?

    The majority of my off-roading will be while surf fishing on the beaches. All beaches that I will be frequenting require a shovel as part of your mandatory gear. I have a folding military shovel that will go in my kit but am thinking of putting a long handle shovel on the roof rack in the...
  14. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    I saw my first Snazzberry today, gotta say it looks pretty nice.
  15. Sports with Rubicon Wheels

    Your Wrangler looks great. The garage is not bad either!
  16. New JL Steering Gear Box - 68250506AE

    I had an appointment for tomorrow to have my steering checked for replacement. I just received an email from the dealership stating that FCA has said to go ahead and do the repair for those who complain about it. This is for the Wrangler and Gladiator. The email stated that the parts have...
  17. Moab Downfall

    Sorry to hear of your experience at MOAB. It is not just off roading that has problems. I try to do as much surf fishing as possible but this year has been a difficult year. Places that normally would see 5-10 people fishing now have over 30 quite often. No parking, trash, ignorant...
  18. Granite Crystal vd Sting Sting Gray

    My wife and I like both colors but we decided on the Granite Crystal.