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  1. Omaha Nebraska area

    I’ll look at the window sticker tomorrow... I will have to dig out my purchase agreement also... more to come
  2. Omaha Nebraska area

    Not bad... I used the tread lightly discount. No trade in, so not sure what that would be like. I ordered what I wanted and felt it was a fair deal. Ask for Ed Steffensmeier if you go there, he treated me great and has followed up since delivery. Knowing what you want and what you are...
  3. Super HP-2 muffler?

    Anyone installed a new Flowmaster Super HP-2 muffler on their JLU? I see Flowmaster has a kit for the JK but nothing for the JL yet. I’ve been thinking about just getting the muffler and doing some custom piping to drop out after the rear axle... just curious if anyone has tackled this yet or...
  4. Vehicle Break-In and Out of State Purchase

    Gene Steffy’s in Fremont Nebraska
  5. Fiat and Jeep Named “Worst” Car Brands

    My 04 Liberty has 190,000... I changed the clutch at 180,000 because the pilot bearing was worn out. The clutch could have gone for another 100,000. But the pilot bearing was in the clutch kit I bought for $250. Not too many 5 speeds out there but we bought it new. Still rolling!
  6. Fiat and Jeep Named “Worst” Car Brands

    I still have a 2004 Liberty sport with 190,000, no issues except rust lol. I love my JLUR also...
  7. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Picked up yesterday
  8. Omaha Nebraska area

    Good luck getting this rig from me! Ear to ear grins!
  9. Omaha Nebraska area

  10. Kyzr2


  11. Whats your dream exhaust? Please input! (Post moved to 3.6 engine)

    Make it sound like the Flowmaster American Thunder for the JK at half the price! That’s the sound I’m looking for on my JLUR.
  12. Omaha Nebraska area

    My JLUR is waiting to get unloaded from the rail car and then it’s on a truck headed to the dealership. Should be soon!
  13. Manual Transmission Order "Restricted"

    Ordered my 6 speed manual on 1-17, in transit on the rails somewhere between Toledo and me.
  14. What option did you give up?

    No leather No smokers group No automatic No remote start No trail rail management group
  15. Omaha Nebraska area

    I hate those things, they always trap dirt and are hard to wash around.
  16. Omaha Nebraska area

    Did they put a Steffy badge on the back?
  17. Omaha Nebraska area

    Wow that RED really pops! Congrats!
  18. Pricing Difference (1997 Window Sticker)

    Better torque / horsepower - same fuel efficiency, hmmm.... I only averaged 18 with my 2000 Sahara (stock). I do miss the 4.0 though.