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  1. Going from a Luxury SUV to a Jeep - Opinions Please!

    Didnt read 14 pages of comments but for whoever's asking: dont hesitate, just buy the damn wrangler. you wont regret it. I've had a benz ML, range rover sport, toyota highlander, ford escape and now a 19 JL sahara. The wrangler beats them all. Wish i bought it sooner.
  2. PAC NW JL deliveries

    Up in Vancouver BC, Ordered Nov 10 and delivered Jan 14. Just over 2 months. Sat in KZ for about 2 weeks and shipping took about 2.5 weeks over christmas. Not sure where it came through from the plant.
  3. Negotiating on custom order

    What I did, and a quick way to find out whos willing negotiate, is to email 3-5 dealers in your area with the build you want and ask them to give you a quote. You'll be surprised to find that each will quote a different price. Then negotiate with the top 2 and make 1 beat the other. This will...
  4. Recommended Dealers List

    For West Coast Canada: Picked up my 2019 Granite Sahara today. Ordered 65 days ago from LANGLEY CHRYSLER in BC, pretty quick delivery considering the holidays. Got invoice pricing (which is close to the best you can do in Canada and was better than every lower mainland dealer). Overall great...
  5. 2019 Orders in Canada

    Picked mine up today. 19 JLUS. Ordered Nov 10. D1 Dec 4. KZ Dec 11. Shipped Dec 26. Arrived in Vancouver BC Jan 14. Just over 2 months total. Highly recommend Langley Chrysler in BC if you're looking to order. Great deal and great customer service/follow up. DM me for salesman contact.
  6. Death Wobble / Bump Steer / Steering Issues / Drifting - RESOLVED

    I'm a little late to the party, sorry if this has been asked/answered already; are any 2019's showing this issue? Or has it been resolved for 2019 builds. Thanks.
  7. 2019 Orders in Canada

    Since everything is done a little differently and were always behind up North figured a separate thread for Canadians ordering 19's is warranted. Canucks share your order status here! I ordered a JL Sahara on 11/10 in BC, still waiting for FCA approval (or D/D1 status I guess it's called)...
  8. Financing Canada

    I'm hearing there are no financing incentives on 2019 orders from dealers. Anyone in Canada financed an 19 order and care to share terms and overall experience? Thanks.
  9. Canadian buyers

    Nice one! May i ask which dealer you bought from?
  10. Canadian buyers

    Thanks for clarifying Carlton. Does anyone know how long 2019 orders in Canada are taking? (sorry im new to the blog so not sure if some of my amateur hour questions have been answered in other threads)
  11. Canadian buyers

    Doh - I guess i'm curious how they placed this order, which dealer? Because online isn't showing any 2019 build options.
  12. Canadian buyers

    Are Canadian dealers taking orders for 2019 JLs yet??