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  1. Nevada Rubicon Suspension 4Dr $150

    how many miles are on that suspension. and is it a hardtop version or a soft top version of the springs.
  2. Roof rack for RTT

    that rack scares the crap out of me it just uses the rain channels to hold its self on and just so you know your roof only has like a 200lb load max before you go thru it so good luck with that one if you have 2 people in a RTT or one adult male. beacuse you are going to need about 600lbs+ of...
  3. Roof rack for RTT

    don't be scared of drilling into a hartop it will not leak if installed correctly. unless you get a full cage like roof rack system you will need to do some drilling i find the Rhino back bone system the best because it is easy to remove if you take your hard top off.
  4. ESS Stopped Working. "Now fixed. Not expected cause." IBS(Intelligent Battery Sensor)

    no his problem is the same as mine he only drives 3 miles a day. my work is 4.2 miles from my house and in the time of Covid-19 there is nothing open so you can't drive far enough to recharge the batteries. its a know problem and not a bad battery yet.
  5. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    no one does Auto up for safety its only auto down.
  6. ESS Stopped Working. "Now fixed. Not expected cause." IBS(Intelligent Battery Sensor)

    it might be your batteries. if they are low it will stop working just recharge them with a nice 70 mile drive or get a battery minder and plug in your car every night for a few days. next time when your jeep is running look through all the menu options one will say something like "ESS disabled...
  7. Is it hard to keep your interior cool?

    i live outside Death Valley CA and nope i have np cooling my 2018 JL. just tint the windows even the already factory tinted ones and get the clear tint for the front to maximize your UV protection to 99.9%. and i find having a sun rider helps the since heat can escape through that part very...
  8. Dealer Bill Snethkamp lost my order

    just get your $500 back and look for a dealership online that has 10%-15% below invoice that is more then the $1500 off MSRP you were getting. and everyone has 0% on 60 months to 72 months still.
  9. The 12 inch screen aftermarket upgrade.

    most of those 3rd party android head units break very easy and sometimes just by taking them out of the box you break them.
  10. Painting A Hardtop

    if you are willing to save some look into white Line-X it will last forever and cost less then painting and you can get a white that is pretty much the OEM white jeep uses. find your local Line-x dealer and ask if they can color match your top.
  11. Good/Best Dash Cam?

    your batteries are under half you need to get a Battery Minder i got a Noco Genius 2 and it fixed mine took over 24 hours to recharge the 2 batteries but it fixed it
  12. Good/Best Dash Cam?

    if you have the AUX switches you have a battery and ignition wire in the cab and can use the hard wire kit for the cam and no need for the 12 volt power adapter and you get parking sense also.
  13. Good/Best Dash Cam?

    99% of the 4K dash cams are just 1080p with upscaling to a weird aspect ratio that just shows more sky then sides. so find get a good 1080p dash cam i have a A119v3. now for the best blackvue makes the best dashcams and they cost the most $400 or so for the newest and around $200+ for a few...
  14. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    or you guys can just get a set of Rockjock Antirock sway bar kits one for the front and one for the rear. the cost is more then a quick disconnect but you don't have to do anything. i have one on the front of my JLU Sport S.
  15. What is the worst dealer behavior that you've observed?

    this was years ago i had a dealer backed an A frame truck into my 1984 cj7 it had a whole 16 miles on it just about totaled it and they wouldn't just give me a new one. took 3 months a lawyer and i got a new jeep.
  16. 2020 Sunrider Soft Top Front Latch

    if its the OEM soft top take that in and get it fixed its under warranty. damn people if its broken and your jeep is new take it in you said you can replicate it so take it in have a tech go with you at highway speeds and when it pops they will replace the messed up part or just give you a new top.
  17. Disadvantages of having the top off - whats your story??

    getting sun burned because you forgot sun screen and you live 30 miles from Death Valley. oh and im a red head i should have known better.
  18. Just got road raged by a Karen

    for a dashcam if you have the factory Aux switches in the cab you will have a battery and an ignition wire i have my Dashcam hardwired into those works just fine i have an A119v3 dashcam
  19. Who has their top down?

    not me its going to be 109 here today and I'm a redhead so i would catch on fire while driving down the road. i keep my top on in the summer. being close to death valley sucks in june july and august.
  20. JL Dana 30 & Dana 35 - how strong are they?

    you only get the Dana 44 if you have the LSD rear if you don't have it you got a dana 35. its that way on the Sports and Saharas.