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  1. Tracking build

    Looks great. Apparently mine will be ready next week. Can’t wait.
  2. Tracking build

    Hmm that sounds bit like a bullshit excuse to me, I would be questioning that. Mine has finally been shipped out of Melbourne a week ago and is somewhere in transit. Ive been tracking it on the Prixcar website but I'm not sure how accurate that is as the ETA just keeps shifting. It only take...
  3. Tracking build

    Hey mate had yours arrived yet? Must be close. I’ve managed to get one that has come out of stock which I think might have come off the same shipment as yours as my original order didn’t get built before the shutdown. I’ve been told it’s coming from Melbourne as I’m in Perth.
  4. Rugged Ridge Low/High mount Snorkel system for RHD JL

    As it sits up on the windscreen, do you find it impedes your vision on the RHD?
  5. Australian Gladiator ETA

    Anyone got an ETA as to when the first Gladiators might land in Australia? Does anyone think they will have extra stock on the shipment or will it just be orders only?
  6. Tracking build

    Hey Mate How long after you ordered did you get your build sheet. I order in late January and still cant see my build sheet? Cheers
  7. Delivery Times for Australia

    Did this come from the tracker? I ordered mine back in January but it still doesn’t have a build sheet on the tracker. Dealer is still saying it’s due in June but if it’s not showing in the tracker I can’t see that happening.
  8. Delivery Times for Australia

    Hey mate. Did the dealer tell you that yours was built and waiting to ship? I ordered mine on about the 28th of Jan but still don’t have a delivery date. The VIN still doesn’t have any details on the tracking tool.
  9. Delivery Times for Australia

    Yeah would think they need to do right hand drives in a batch. Given the volume that may not happen very often. Based on what others have experienced I reckon it must be every 3 months
  10. Tracking build

    yep I was wondering if my order will be delayed now. It is affecting other industries due to the closure of factories in China. Not sure how much of the components would be manufactured in areas that are affected by the virus.
  11. Tracking build

    So I got hold of my VIN however when i run it through the system it just say its not updated yet. Anyone know roughly how long it will take to be updated?
  12. Tracking build

    When I was in the process of ordering mine the dealer seemed to know what was arriving about a month out. I ordered about 6 weeks ago but still don’t have any details of an eta or even a build date. Other manufacturers often can give you a scheduled build date which would allow you to estimate a...
  13. Delivery Times for Australia

    Looks great. Thanks for posting. I’ve order that colour with the body coloured hard to top as well. Can’t wait to get it.
  14. Delivery Times for Australia

    Yeah I would have to say that every time you hear a bad story about Jeep ownership you can pretty much tie it back to a dealer not doing the right thing. The dealer I use has been pretty good but maybe Jeep Australia needs to tighten up on the dealer network if they want to improve their...
  15. Delivery Times for Australia

    Yeah I was just picky on the optional extras I wanted. Didn’t seem to be any with the luxury pack in stock.
  16. Delivery Times for Australia

    Yeah I agree. That being said my dealer made it sound like Rubicons were like hens teeth so there was no chance of getting one out of stock.
  17. Aftermarket goodies in Australia

    Yep can appreciate that sentiment, seems like some people have had a rough time with Jeep. My GC I bought without test driving it as it was in a holding yard when I bought it and not on the dealer floor. I had that car for 5 years and sold it recently to buy and Audi SQ5. I had very few issues...
  18. Delivery Times for Australia

    Yes you can. They may have changed this for 2020. It’s in the brochure on the Jeep website as a factory option. Not sure why they wouldn’t have offered it before, seems a bit silly not to. You do have order the steel bumper as an option now. You loose the front parking sensors if you do go with...
  19. Delivery Times for Australia

    Hey Guys Ordered my JL Rubicon Unlimited last week. Dealer said I could be waiting 6 months or more for delivery. It’s not a big deal as I’m. Not in a major USB to get it but just wondering what others have experienced lately. I ordered the luxury package and a body colour hard top. Not sure if...
  20. Aftermarket goodies in Australia

    I’ve just ordered my Rubicon. Wont be here for a few months yet but I have ordered the Rugged Ridge 13’ Antenna to replace the stock one. Thinking about getting the Rubber mats for the cargo area. I ordered the Jeep tow bar with the car.