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  1. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    It’s a numbers game. Too few of us to make it cost effective for most companies. Those bringing gear in are pretty small businesses, add to that the limited number of RHD parts.
  2. Review - Livernois Mycalibrator Tune for Jeep JL 3.6L V6

    Thanks for taking the time to give a detailed review of your experience. Great to know you are happy with the whole process and the results.
  3. Review - Livernois Mycalibrator Tune for Jeep JL 3.6L V6

    Just remember to stay in your 5km lockdown radius.
  4. Review - Livernois Mycalibrator Tune for Jeep JL 3.6L V6

    Let us know how this goes mate. some local info would be handy.
  5. Fridge slide and camp kitchen to fit JLU in Australia

    Have a look at Drifta. They are up your way and will custom make to suit. Quality is top notch.
  6. Antenna size and mounts

    You’ll be fine with either of the GME 4wd kits if this is what you’ve been looking at. They are both at the top end of the price range but are easy to instal and use. I went with the tailgate mount and find no issues with it in the bush or on roads.
  7. What would you buy if jeep didn't exist.

    I’ve owned a prado and ranger before the wrangler. Both good vehicles for heading out camping or 4wd’ing. Neither really have the feeling of the wrangler though. seeing as you’re really good at waiting I’d say hang out for the new defender and look at that. You won’t get out of the base model...
  8. Soft Shackle overhead grab handles!

    Awesome, I’ve been thinking about this. What length are the shackles? How’s the length, does it get in the way. I am considering a shorter set just to leave there.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    No complaints so far. Went out today and never left me wanting more. Rock climbing isn’t really my thing and there isn’t a lot of it here. Mostly mountain trails with mud and ruts. The rubicon suspension is pretty good for that and I just needed a bit more clearance. I did the shock extensions...
  10. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Spent an hour just on the underside cleaning out the mud. So good to get outside again.
  11. 295/70/17 Underrated?

    295/70’s fit nicely and no issues. Wouldn’t be too worried if I went to the 285/70’s either. Doubt you would see the difference. The 75 profile are hard to get here so I didn’t look to hard at them. I have played around with the pressures from low 30’s and back up to 35/36 cold now.
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    No, still locked down here. I don’t think I would remove it again though. Drives much better with it on. Not sure it would be any better for anything other than big steps to climb.
  13. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Yeah, those 24mm nuts are ridiculous. I would advise anyone working at home to make sure you have a good set of tools on hand. As most nuts and it's opposite bolt are the same head size you’ll need 2 of each spanner/ socket. Sway bar bolts to frame also has a litre of loctite per bolt. I just...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Gave it a wash and put the rear sway bar back on after a lift a few weeks ago. Can definitely feel the difference. It was so loose in the rear without it.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Put in the Pro Comp 2” spacer lift over the weekend. Was pretty tough doing it on the ground. A hoist would have made it a lot easier. Most of my off road driving is unloaded and the Rubicon suspension ride well that way. May go to longer springs one day but this feels alright for now.
  16. Rubicon wheels, thinking of selling...

    Really happy with the Toyo R/T’s, they are much quieter than a muddie on the road. Have spent a few days in the bush with them and all good there too. I kept the stock rims. couldn’t see the value in buying new ones as I decided not to go to 35’s. Would definitely recommend an all terrain if...
  17. missing a book?

    Suggest its a supplement manual for the Audio system.
  18. Delivery Times for Australia

    KM2 on my 2020. They are still available in a few sizes and cheaper so not likely to see and upgrade to KM3
  19. Front and Rear End-links for 2.5" TeraFlex Lift

    Will the TF end links work with stock wheels and 33” tires? Most kits state aftermarket wheels or spacers needed. I’m kind stuck on the Pro Comp spacer lift (same as Rubicon Express) as they done require them. I don’t want to change wheels and spacers are illegal in Australia.