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  1. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    I upgraded mine to the 8.4 uconnect so I don't know how it will work with the insane audio head unit. Sorry I missed that in your original post.
  2. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    Everything on your current center stack will work. You will lose the volume button but the volume buttons on the steering will work. If you don't care about the volume button on the radio then you don't need to upgrade. If you change the center stack then you will need to flash the computer to...

    Does anybody know if jscan can reset the uconnect system back to factory default. Upgraded my radio and need to reset it back to factory to clear the logs. I keeping getting warning message that disk space is more than 75% full and it keeps generating start stop logs. I am hopeful a reset will...
  4. AlfaOBD guides for TPMS and tire size.

    I just emailed alfaobd hopefully they will respond quickly. :):)
  5. AlfaOBD guides for TPMS and tire size.

    I was looking at jscan. I purchased my jl mini acouple of years ago and have been happy with it, but i need something that can do more. i bought a 8.4 radio from a forum member and having a little issue. I think i need to do a proxy alignment on it and reset it to factory default. I am getting...
  6. AlfaOBD guides for TPMS and tire size.

    Thanks for the reply. I will contact them.
  7. AlfaOBD guides for TPMS and tire size.

    Are you able to do a proxi alignment with alfaobd? I have a tazer jl mini will this work for the bypass or do i have to buy a seperate bypass? What OBDII programmer are you using? OBDlInkmx+?. Thanks for all the information.

    Does anyone know how to enter "engineering" mode not dealer mode. The button press of driver's side temperature buttons at the same time with the car in "run" with engine off does not work for me. The radio is an 8.4 UAQ with an october 2018 build date. It is on software 34.2 (the latest I...
  9. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    The part number for 2019 is 6sx75dx9aa it is the same part as 6be28dx9ac but it's the "new" part number. They charge more for it.
  10. I removed the JL Wrangler Sport "Euro" Close Out Cover Bumper Pieces

    I took mine off as soon as I picked up my jeep in January 2018 had them off ever since. Haven't had a problem.
  11. Entering Engineering Mode in Uconnect?

    I think if we do a factory reset it will clear logs also. Can't do a reset without getting into engineering mode. Where did you get your radio? Was it an upgrade or factory installed?
  12. Entering Engineering Mode in Uconnect?

    Thanks. I have been searching for days with no luck. Hoping someone might know a dealer tech or radio expert. Thanks everyone for the help.
  13. Entering Engineering Mode in Uconnect?

    Thanks for the reply. Still trying to find away into engineering mode. I need to see if in the "logging utilities" menu in engineering mode can reset the logs. I keep getting this screen from radio.
  14. Entering Engineering Mode in Uconnect?

    Does anyone know how to enter engineering mode from the 8.4 uconnect touch screen? I Can't use the hot and cold buttons on center stack as I haven't upgraded that yet. I can get into dealer mode thanks to El Zilcho but looking to get into "engineering" mode. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. Does anyone know what this screen is?

    Fuse pull didn't work. Thanks for the suggestions. I do have an idea though, looking for someone who has uconnect 8.4 to enter engineering mode , there is a section there called logging utilities. If they could check to see if there is a reset option in that menu I would appreciate it. I don't...