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  1. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    Mine loves 93 Octane. But, prolonged use of 87 octane causes the engine to idle slightly rough. 95 percent of my driving is short drives, and I fill up every 10-14 days. So, I dont.mind spoiling the Jeep with mostly 93 octane.
  2. Riding comfortness 2 door JL sport vs 4 door JLU sport

    Well, mine is a 4door hardtop. The tires are 285/70/17 BFG KO2'2
  3. Sirius trial running out...

    No, we have unlimited service. .
  4. Wire under Windshield Cowl Corner

    It is a secret connector, that the government can plug into. It allows them to track you, and your driving habits. They plan on taxing us(Carbon Tax), for every mile we drive, and it will not allow us to go off road, unless we get permission, from an Eco Czar. All taxes and fines will be...
  5. Riding comfortness 2 door JL sport vs 4 door JLU sport

    If your tires are wearing out, that could stiffen up the feel. I didnt like the feel of the stock JLU Sport tires, but the BF Goodrich KO '2 are much better, on and off road.
  6. Riding comfortness 2 door JL sport vs 4 door JLU sport

    36 psi smooths the JLU considerably. I added the Rubicon takeoff tires/rims and suspension, and i noticed it was smoother with that, than stock.
  7. Sirius trial running out...

    Ive resubscribed to Syrius, and swear to never do it again. Crappy selection of repetitive songs. We just had a 2 day driving trip, and the wife plugged in to the stereo system(with Bluetooth) with Pandora. Much much better, and free.
  8. Which packages are worth it for Daily Driver use?

    Start with a Sport S, Alpine Stereo, and Auto Tranny. You decide if you want hardtop or ragtop. Then customize to your liking. This is a basic setup for non-hardcore offroading.
  9. What does the first dial next to the headlight switch do?

    I have a Sport S. , so it doesnt do much of anything, even with lights on. I've known this, for almost 2 years.
  10. Backup camera stopped working

    Others have fixed this issue by disconnecting the battery for 5-10 minutes. This resets everything.
  11. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Raise some hell, and take it back. They are responsible if it breaks. If you screw it up, it is on you. Plus, demand a loaner, until they fix it correctly.
  12. Backup camera stopped working

    Since this is a Wrangler JL Forum, I am not too sure about the Compass. Try the simple first. Does the rest of the screen work, for other things? Check all fuses to make sure they are seated fully. Have someone sit inside, in park, and put it in the manual rear camera mode. If it is still...
  13. What does the first dial next to the headlight switch do?

    It dims the door handles. Wow, this has got to be the silliest feature yet.
  14. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    If they are adding everything, under the sun, to increase the sales price, then I cannot see me ordering this. Give me a plain Sport S, 6.4L, ragtop, Auto, manual shifting 4WD(or electronically shifted), beefed up Dana 44(Dana 60 pumpkins hang too low unless mega sized tires are used)with...
  15. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    I accept your explanation. When someone goes off on the whole Carbon Footprint, Gas Mileage, Greenei Weenie thing, it is kind of annoying. You, being in B.C., need to understand how many of us feel, in the lower 48. Al Gore has helped perpetuate one of the biggest hoaxes on the world, for...
  16. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    Well i did have you pegged as a "Self Absorbed Douche Bag", but that wouldn't be nice. all over a little duck?? So, I won't call you that. It must be nice being you, to go through life, condemning others, for something you yourself are. Carbon footprint??? Gag!! Aren't you expecting a...