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  1. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    I'll just put this here.
  2. Off-Road Pages on 7” instrument cluster?

    I'm not sure of the differences other than Apple Carplay is supported, but Android Auto is not.
  3. Off-Road Pages on 7” instrument cluster?

    I do like to be able to see all the guages on on screen. But honestly, I don't use it much. I keep the inclinometer on the guage vlust and the map on the 8.4 screen when I'm off road most of the time. I really wish Gaia or an equivalent was available for Android Auto. I'm not going back to an...
  4. JLU as daily driver and off road vehicle?

    My JLUR is my daily driver and trail rig. Its not my only vehicle though. So if I break something or get stuck in the middle of an upgrade, I've got something else to drive. My current job is 100% remote from home, so I don't drive nearly as much as I did. I spent 20+ years with a 30+ mile...
  5. Question for those with a soft top

    Anyone tried one of these? I'm concerned with it actually sealing and naybe even the side windows coming loose since the rear window tabs kind of hole it all together. I think its just as easy to undo the window and flip the...
  6. JLUR - Plastic vs Steel Bumpers?

    Steel skid under the front.
  7. JLUR - Plastic vs Steel Bumpers?

    0n my 2019 JLUR it has sensors in the rear.
  8. JLUR - Plastic vs Steel Bumpers?

    I have the steel bumpers and while I like the look, plastic in the back would be fine and saving the money I have invested in them could have more than funded a nice aftermarket front. IIRC, in 2019 it was a $1395 option, the winch plate was another $250 and the grill guard was $170. That...
  9. How do different colors hold up to the abuse of branches running along side of the Jeep?

    Sting gray is holding up well for me. Ya, if you are inspecting with a magnifying glass you can see the stripes, but back up a few steps and it looks good. Surprisingly, the painted parts of my fenders look better than the black plastic.
  10. Aftermarket “Grey/Gunmetal” Wheels

    AEV wheels in Onyx. AEV reccomends Granite Crystal as touch up paint for them.
  11. Any Atlanta Jeepers out there?

    I was up at Beasley Knob last weekend. I ran everything but 93B in a stick height JLUR. A lot of the waterbars wre really steep cut and lots of scraping (not enough breakover angle), but otherwise doable. It should stay dry this week and Beasley will be nice. Make sure you get a permit...
  12. Gas cap holder

    I have the cap door and flip it over the door by its leash.
  13. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Yes, but I think they are making more. They are nice. I've got a set.
  14. Arizona Mods Delete

    It the Holy Grail eddition.
  15. BFG Ko2's suck that bad in rain?

    I've got one spot near my house. A traffic signal on an up hill with a right turn. Both my 2019 JLUR and my 2001 F250 spin the tries like crazy there. Both have BFG KO2s I don't notice it anywhere else. I thought maybe something was spilled there, but its been like that for quite a while now
  16. What drove your wheel decision?

    Looks. Beadlock and Rash Ring capability Offset ( 17×8.5 +25) Caught them on buy 4 get 5 sale. AEV Borah JL spec wheels.
  17. TAZR for Hire - South Orange County

    I think they get married to a vin number. For about $70 you can get the Jscan App, a Security Bypass cabe and a IBDII BT adapetr and use your phone
  18. New

    Ya, there was a flash for the computer for 2018s. Originally, 2018s would not start if the small battery was dead. There's a flash to change them to start with a low little battery.