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  1. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    More pics from the last frontier...40 miles of moderate wheeling to/from the Knik glacier which is easily the most impressive Jeep-accessible sight I’ve ever seen. 5.5 miles wide at the toe and 25 miles long. A solid Friday indeed.
  2. Start of 3.0 Production

    It seems to be acting the way my normally functioning alternator does per the voltage gauge.
  3. Eco Diesel and Tunes

    If you hear anything more re commercial availability, please do let us know.
  4. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    You’re at least the 4th known EGR issue, maybe 5th. No surprise that people are looking for deletes. I hope they resolve this without issue for you.
  5. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    Yea that’s should definitely be a squeaky wheel until FCA gets you a vehicle for the wait.
  6. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Not concerned about its height above the cg when on cross slopes?
  7. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    Really instills a great sense of confidence in FCA. It’s a shame the bronco is unlikely to compete enough in this space to get the folks in Toledo to clean up their act.
  8. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    Nothing will ever top the swarm that found me camping next to Jackson lake in Wyoming. I had no vehicle to escape into because I was on a bike and they got so bad that I finally ate dinner in my tent against all typical bear-country advice. I decided I’d rather be mauled by a griz and go...
  9. DPF Misconceptions

    Interesting that they quote the OBD system under 24,000 mile coverage when the EPA lists OBD, ECU and catalytic converters as the only major emissions control components covered for 80,000. My comment re extended warranty was in relation to mopar vehicle protection, which when I reviewed the...
  10. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    I live in the Mat-Su valley and have never found the bugs to be any worse than where I grew up in New England. You’re right though, it’s 360 degrees of incredible views around here. The mountains are also a great place to get away from bugs if deet isn’t your jam.
  11. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    Saw three griz in the national park but none on the highway. Tons of snow on the eastern third of the highway and actually ran through some new stuff falling on our way across.
  12. DPF Misconceptions

    If DPFs didn’t yield reliability issues we wouldn’t have countless numbers of folks across brands reporting exactly that and manufacturers refusing to cover them under extended warranties. They’re considered wear items which will be replaced even if you reach temperatures required for regens...
  13. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    I wonder if anyone who got the magic “we pulled this one out of line for extra QC testing” sticker had loose fuses. Mine got the extra QC and has had no issues but it shouldn’t take 45 miles of QC to send a functioning vehicle out of the plant.
  14. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    Some more pics from Alaska. We added 665 miles (180 off pavement) over the last two days as continued testing prior to a 1700 mile arctic trip we’ve got planned for July. Running like a top so far and the Fox 2.5s have proven to be an absolute revelation on the frost-heaved tundra roads.
  15. Scarcity?

    There has been plenty of speculation as to why the production numbers were so limited pre-covid. There was a definite delay with some EGR coolers and likely other components as well. Whether they are able to meet demand after reopening remains to be seen, but given how hard of a time a few...
  16. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    I wonder if there is any relation between your fuse box issue and what looks like a solid third of the rigs delivered here reported to have had loose fuses at delivery. Either way, sorry to hear about the mess man. I hope they can turn it around for you because these things are incredible when...
  17. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    I wonder if pulling some of the EGR volume post-DPF is helping to reduce soot buildup too.
  18. AEV JL Wrangler Products & Builds [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    Pulled from AEV’s IG story...two more fully outfitted JL370s with the rear bumper, tire carrier and fuel caddy. The more of these turnkey builds I see completed with the bumpers and no access to the same parts for us plebs, the more annoyed I get.
  19. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Let us know what your typical regen interval is.
  20. 2020 JL EcoDiesel Dyno Run

    I’m not seeing where the second dyno run video is significantly outside the margin of error of the test as it pertains to a 15% parasitic loss goal.