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  1. Why 17” wheels and not 18 or 20”?

    This comes up all the time. It entirely depends what you want to do with your Jeep. I run 20" wheels with Ridge Grapplers and it is 100% fine for what I do, which is mainly road driving and the odd trail. Looks good (to me, which is all that matters), feels good. If I was going to do serious...
  2. Auto start/stop rant

    100% this. I've never understood why ESS gets so much grief. I've driven it in VWs and others as well as my Wrangler, and like BigGreen said it is very easy to control. I can roll smoothly to a halt, leave the engine running then if I want to press slightly harder on the brake to stop the...
  3. Dealership replaced steering box with the old part under 08-074-20

    I bought my JLUS from Rairdon's - very happy with the price and experience. But I have not had to take it back there for any work (take both my Jeeps to Seattle CDJR on Aurora for basic servicing). Good to know, I will steer clear!
  4. What actually _is_ normal steering?

    My JLU drives just like a normal car. I can swap from my Grand Cherokee to the Wrangler and don't have to think about it at all, it steers just the same with no stress or extra effort, no noticeable wandering or other silliness. Obviously there are plenty of people with steering issues, but I'd...
  5. No problems with my Jeep today - Or ever!

    18 months with the JLUS, zero issues.
  6. What is the fastest speed you have driven your JL/JLU?

    Don't think I've had the JL beyond 80. It seems perfectly happy to go faster, but it's not worth it on the roads I'm usually on. Anyway I have the SRT if I feel the need for speed :)
  7. JL 33” tires small lift - Pictures Please!

    FWIW I'm running 33 x 11.5s with no lift. Zero rubbing issues, once I took off the Euro bumper inserts. This is with correctly-backspaced aftermarket wheels of course.
  8. Thinking of Purchasing Rubicon Unlimited

    I have a JLUS, my daughters (13 and 11) ride in it all the time. No issues with space or comfort, it's fine. Top down round town, top up for longer trips with them in the back. We drive 100+ miles up and down to the mountains regularly (at least we did before covid), not a problem at all. Lots...
  9. Talk me into or out of 20" wheels and 35" tires - Rubi

    I'm running 20s and 35s. I much prefer the look to smaller wheels, don't care how many traditionalists disagree. My JL drives completely 100% fine with this setup. Still plenty of sidewall (more than my old Range Rover, which could also drive anywhere most people will ever want to go)...
  10. Fifth Gear says Wrangler sucks

    They're not wrong about what they say, the Wrangler makes little sense back in Blighty. But it's still lots of fun, we all love ours - that's all that matters in the end. Btw for you folks that don't know these people - the whiny guy who scored it 1 is Jason Plato, one of the all time best...
  11. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    FWIW To answer your question - no that does not look normal to me. My 2018 JLUS does not have steering play like that (with the Jeep tracking straight as it appears to be in your video) - it drives completely fine, nice and tight steering like a 'normal' car. There certainly seems to be wide...
  12. NHTSA Investigating 2018–2019 Jeep Wrangler over Frame, Steering Complaints

    I am another one with zero steering/wobble issues on my '18 JLUS. Mine drives just like my other cars (which are all quite tight and sporty), no lane wandering or other weird behaviour. So if there are folks with inches of play around steering center, I'd say it's not 'a Jeep thing', they...
  13. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    I had a '76 Stingray back in the day, must dig up some pics of it. I've had this modified Mustang S197 for a while But more recently added this JGC SRT, which is 'more muscular' ;-)
  14. How many of you have had a flawless Jeep?

    2018 JLU Sport S Auto now with 4500 miles after 6 months. No issues at all. I'm a first time Wrangler owner, and think it drives totally fine. Love it.
  15. Thinking about cancelling my order

    I own both a '18 Wrangler JLUS and a '15 GC SRT. They're both awesome, very different of course. For daily round town driving, I flip the top down and take the Wrangler 90% of the time. If I'm going 50+ miles on the freeway, then I'll take the SRT (and constantly use cruise control to avoid...
  16. What is the most popular color?

    You're missing Nacho from your list. Definitely won't be most popular as there aren't many of them. But people seem to love mine!
  17. Is it possible to just flip the soft top back and drive?

    I haven't read up all the apparently extensive threads on this, just can report my own experience. I drive around pretty much all day every day with windows in and sunrider flipped back. Round town, freeways, everywhere. Never had even the slightest issue. From a physics pov, I don't see how...
  18. Nitto Ridge Grappler 33x12.5xR18 F2

    Hi. I just wanted to ask - did you install the F rated Ridge Grapplers? I'm considering the same tire (though in an R20), wondering if the F rating actually makes any noticeable difference? The alternative is the same tire in 11.5" width and E rating, I figure one rating level can't be that...
  19. Straps in Sunrider Position - Anyone Use them?

    I used the straps first couple of weeks in Sunrider position. Since then, no not really. Just flip it back and drive, never had any issue. Normal airflow is holding it down. Can't imagine a wind strong enough to lift it.
  20. Soft top is a pain in the a$#

    I also only have the soft top, and love it. Drive in Sunrider for nearly every short trip, and on sunny days take the windows out and flip it down properly. With practice, it only takes a few mins to put the windows back in. Kids like Safari mode on the freeway - airy but not as windy as top...