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  1. Best Spray wax for New Jeeps?

    Yeah the seal and shine is much better. I use it over a full ceramic coating as a touch up and protective top coat and it's slicker and better at shedding dust than the full on ceramic coating as well.
  2. Black Hardtop Protection

    UNPAINTED HARD TOPS??? Adam's Ceramic trim coating... (I just mentioned this stuff in another thread as well for the plastic wheel flares). It's VERY good on black plastic. lasts much longer than 303 and other sprays. There is a ceramic restorer as well for faded things.
  3. Plastic fender flare care

    Adams Ceramic Trim protection is VERY good. If you're already faded, the Ceramic Trim restorer.
  4. Sky One Touch - Normal?

    yes it's sealant... No. that doesnt look like anything Ive seen on a properly built unit. That looks like an "oh shit, lets fix this and get it out the door" done at the dealer... Ive not seen anything that poorly done. I would run that back and look at a few other units on the lot and then...
  5. Steering damper recall notice today on my Jeep

    Not getting this fix done reminds me of the people living in trailer parks that refuse to leave when a hurricane is forecast... "It ain't broke till...." sounds really silly in the light of the company that makes your car telling you what you have is prone to problems.
  6. Illinois WTB Mojito Color Grille and Hardtop

    change your thread title to WTB:
  7. Best Spray wax for New Jeeps?

    Make sure you mention BIG DIFFERENCE between Ice wax versus TW Ice Seal and Shine Ceramic... The Ceramic Seal and Shine is MILES better than the wax... (as is the case for nearly all the spray Ceramic's). Seal and Shine Ceramic is good stuff... Ice "wax"... Not so much.
  8. Georgia For Sale: "Like New" Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop in Premium Black Twill

    Someone scoop this up... These are nearly never for sale.
  9. New York Question about which antenna is best

    I got a midsized. None of the shorty (foot or less) worked worth a CRAP. I tried 4... Went with one from Amazon that was @24 inches. Still a lot shorter than stock, thicker and Black and no signal loss. I wouldnt use anything shorter than 20.
  10. Best Spray wax for New Jeeps?

    F11 has darn near no life to it... It's easy, but so are a lot of bad products. Ceramics are nearly as easy and actually last. Reasonable vid series here (though you can go back to the first couple videos and the F11 fails almost instantly).
  11. UConnect 8.4 & iPod Classic issues

    From Apple - No apple product with connectors older than Thunderbolt are compatible with the Uconnect in the JL. virtually no Ipods will properly connect. It's a coding and licensing thing and it's kinda Bullshit, but it is what it is.
  12. Best Spray wax for New Jeeps?

    It depends on the paint... If it feels rough and gritty, I would clay it and give it a quick polish... Claying is simple... Just use enough lube spray to keep it from sticking... Either way though, the Ceramic sprays are WAAAAy better than the simple waxes, including Turtle Ice. For...
  13. Best Spray wax for New Jeeps?

    Chemical Guys new Spray: Adams new Spray version: Both of these are true ceramics and not just thinned out Ceramic boosters (both companies...
  14. Got my JL ceramic coated today

    Just do it yourself (unless you're disabled). The Ceramics today are WAY easier than just a short time ago and the results are fantastic. Chemical guys has an updated spray on that actually does a VERY good job. Adams and Chem guys have the more traditional liquids too, and they're very easy...
  15. Best Spray wax for New Jeeps?

    One of the worst products on the market dollar for Dollar. The stuff has no lasting qualities relative to price. Seriously, the Spray Ceramics are the way to go now (the straight onto paint products, not the ones you apply on wet car)... Way easier and they outlast by miles. Not Wax.
  16. Backup Lights

    Super easy... one piece of course steel wool, rub down everything and scuff, and shoot it... you can use a paper bag to block off overspray in the couple spots it will matter. really it was 10 minutes total and 3 of those were shaking the crap out of the can...
  17. Backup Lights

    oh, and after seeing my pictures, GOODGOD... I had to paint the can and Pipe. 10 Minutes, steel wool whipe and spray with High Heat matte Rusto... This is soooo easy. Nobody should have a silver can.
  18. Best Spray wax for New Jeeps?

    Wax is dead... There are so many Cermic coatings and spray ceramic sealants that will massively outlast and outperform anything else that there's no need for wax products anymore.
  19. New Jeep- New Paint

    Ceramic coat it. Goodbye.