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  1. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    Currently we don't, but we will be sure to add some photos with the accessories to the website upon release.
  2. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    At this time only the CB bracket and the Hi-lift bracket will be the only accessories available. We hope down the road to bring a few more out for sure.
  3. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    We will for sure be doing some testing with a 40" tire, just as we did with the JK with great results. We will definitely let you know the results.
  4. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    With the increased size of the hinge to go all the accross the tailgate the cost is greater than the JK. $799 will be the cost of the hinge alone, $1115 will be the hinge and the adjustable mount.
  5. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    Some parts are being manufactured at our facility in Taiwan. As with some TeraFlex parts, they are designed, engineered, and assembled in-house from domestic and globally sourced components. And all held to the same level of quality.
  6. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    Stoked to finally unveil the Hinge Carrier for the JL. We are in the process of manufacturing to have units on the shelf for a February release date. All info will be loaded on the website in February of next year and dealers and customers will be able to order on the same day. With the...
  7. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    Unfortunately with all that has been going on with Covid-19 production has slowed a bit. Unfortunately we will not be an exhibitor during SEMA this year. And will most likely be releasing the JL hinge around the first of the year 2021.
  8. Tera Flex Nomad Wheels

    Hey, I would take some soapy water and spray them around the valves to check for leaks. Could be a pinched o-ring somewhere. Definitely feel free to give us a call once you find it and will get you taken care of. 801-713-3314
  9. Falcon SP2 Shocks

    The SP2 model opens up a check valve to relieve some pressure and offers a firmness of 25% less. On the standard 2.1 it will be exactly as the performance mode is on the SP2. TeraFlex Team
  10. Falcon SP2 Shocks

    There Will be no issues whatsoever running the shocks at different settings. It's exactly what we designed them to do. I run mine in a more firm setting on the rear when I'm towing a trailer versus when I am not. Adding more weight in the front or the rear can definitely add call for using a...
  11. Fender liners that fit Teraflex/Falcon 3.3 shocks?

    We know that Nemesis Industries and JCR Offroad make them currently that are Falcon friendly.
  12. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    It should stay consistent with the JK model, but at this time we don't have a set retail price.
  13. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    sure thing, they may have been thinking the Mopar reinforcement plate, which it will not fit with.
  14. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    Yes, the current version of the hi+lift mount will be compatible with the new Hinge Carrier as well.
  15. Replacement parts for Alpha spare tire relocation

    It does fit. However, The fit and finish isn't great, Since it was designed to go on our own product. But, yes. it will fit.
  16. Alpine vs Alpine IR control arms

    Here is the link to all the product info on the TeraFlex Alpine IR adjustable control arms.
  17. Alpine vs Alpine IR control arms

    Thank you!
  18. Long Arm Kits?

    Just let us know, We would be happy to help in any way we can!
  19. 1.5" spacer lift with 2" shock extensions

    Our ST1 kit for the JL will work with the factory length shocks.
  20. Falcon Shocks

    Hello, For the JL platform we are going to offer the 3.1 or the 3.3's. The 3.2's have been discontinued.