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  1. 40s and RK 2.5 X factor

    Hey, What did you go with? If 40's, how are the axles holding up? Wheel hard? How many miles do you have on the rig? Sorry for all the questions, thank you!
  2. New Jersey 2018 JLURubicon Suspension for Sale

    Hey! Sold actually, thanks for hitting me up! you in Jersey?
  3. Hauk Off-Road Snorkel - Install and Review

    Hey, No leaks or anything to date. I've crossed some deep water at off-road parks multiple times at this point. The pre-filter mushroom top somehow manages to keep my filter clean too. I went 10,000 miles last time before changing and it was still clean! I just changed it out to be safe.
  4. Hauk Off-Road Snorkel - Install and Review

    Hey! Thanks for hitting me up. I purchased kit from Hauk but wasn't too impressed with the setup. I used parts from it as well as order 3/8" fuel line (25'), 3/8" hose clamps, and 3/8" Brass Barb Splicer Hose Fittings to create the routes I wanted. The routes are honestly very straight...
  5. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    I had the same issue, I grabbed the Synergy Front Track Bar when I upgraded steering (Synergy front track bar, drag link, tie rod, and sector shaft brace.) Total game changer, wish I did it sooner.
  6. Virginia 5 Milestar Patagonia tires 38x13.5x17

    How many miles are on them? Interested in 37" Grabber X3's?
  7. New Jersey Westin Snyper Sliders/Rock Rails! $150 (4Door)

    Hey! I’m selling my Westin Autimotive Snyper Sliders/Rock Rails for $150. Originally purchased for $430. I’m only selling to change up my look. I put these on almost exactly a year ago. They have been off-road 4-5 times and definitely caught some rocks in the mean time. Each time I came off...
  8. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Hey, Love your rig. So you're running 2.5" RK and 40's? What bump stops are you running, that's the same set up I'm shooting at too. Thank you!
  9. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Hi, Trying to navigate and shop your website and almost none of the pages load fully with images? Your links won't fully load. I'd love to shop your products. Thanks
  10. Just checked catch can and Wow!!!

    Hey, Yea mine is the same, looks like we have the same catch can. I change the catch can probably around every 1,000ish miles and it's the same. Dealership will tell you its normal, don't waist your time. They say the new valves are built for blow by. I'd say check it more often and enjoy...
  11. 37's and MPG

    18.5mpg 72-77mph 20.5mpg 62mph 37" General Grabber X3's (81lbs) 4.88 Gears in JLUR Auto
  12. Connecticut JLU OEM Rock Rails with hardware $95 OBO

    Hey, I'm considering switching back to stock rock rails from my Westin Snyper Rails (see image). They were $450, any interest in a swap and give me $200? :)
  13. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    Love the rear bumper! :) Pick me Pick me! :)
  14. Ball Joint Cotter Pins

    Got it, i did the same and seems to have done the trick!
  15. Ball Joint Cotter Pins

    Hey, I'm going to be doing this today too. Did you find out what size cotter pin these are? :)
  16. Steering CLUNK when very cold

    Hi, I’m experiencing this also. Did you ever find/confirm the permanent fix? Thank you!
  17. New Jersey $150 Metal Cloak Steering Stabilizer, FAD Skid, and Relocation Bracket! BRAND NEW UNTOUCHED - $150

    Hey All, I purchased this Metal Cloak JL/JT RockSport Steering Stabilizer, FAD Skid Plate, and Stabilizer Relocation Bracket setup intending to install it on my 2018 JL Unlimited Rubicon. Things changed along the way in the build and I didn't get to use it. It's BRAND NEW, never installed etc...
  18. New Jersey $350! - Rubicon Premium Wheels/Caps/Lug + Lock Nuts (5)

    Hey, I still have, a guy flaked. You want them for $350? Pickup tomorrow or Sunday. Let me know
  19. New Jersey $350! - Rubicon Premium Wheels/Caps/Lug + Lock Nuts (5)

    Hey! I’d be willing to meet you at a rest stop somewhere maybe 30 mins outside of Jersey City to keep you out of the city traffic. They are currently in boxes ready to roll. I could meet you late evening during the week or next weekend (12/7 or 12/8). What do you say?