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  1. 808 HP Demon 2 Door JL Burnout | Rubitrux

    Wow...……..holy crap that's awesome!
  2. FCA quality control!!!!

    One...….and it was one too many, I know quality of all American made vehicles has been good i"m just not a chevy or ford guy. I'm just poking around to get people wound up, nothing personal ;)
  3. FCA quality control!!!!

    I 2nd this ^^^ I have no issues from new till now and being a "Mopar or no car" kinda guy plus long time owner of several Chrysler vehicles with little to no problems i'd say the quality is second to none. If you think you got problems try dealing with a chevy… me the shivers just typing...
  4. New JL owner

    Welcome aboard. Great story and thank you for your service! You joined a very good club and fun forum, well, I enjoy it anyway....
  5. POLL: What is your favorite engine on the Wrangler?

    They are all good power plants for different reasons. In my case I went with the 2.0t etorque 8 speed auto, its in my Jeep and its been a flawless running machine so far. The 392 has my attention though.....
  6. Did you sell your muscle car for a Jeep?

    No 1/4 mile track runs yet. She spent the summer getting broke in and tuned on the street shaking windows and setting off car alarms. Lol
  7. Did you sell your muscle car for a Jeep?

    No way, not even for 2 jeeps. Building this hotrod took years of hard work and is the true definition of blood, sweat, and tears. Built not bought!!
  8. You know your wife is cool when she....

    My wife is the quiet professional career kind, not very outspoken (unlike me) but hey, opposites attract right? We were on a long Harley ride somewhere in Oklahoma cruising around 60 mph and a car pulled out in front of a stroke of luck and my "cat-like" reflexes we were able to swerve...
  9. Stolen personal items

    That sucks. If that happened to me I live in such a small town I would just ask the other 3 people "which one of you assholes did it"? lol
  10. Veterans Day

    I thank all those who served and pray for those currently serving, thank you for protecting the USA!
  11. 2.0 vs. 3.0 Diesel

    Jeep offers engine options for a reason, jeeps are thee most versatile vehicle in the world so one engine type is not good for everybody and none of them are singled out as "the best". Each power plant is built well and dependable with it's own pros and cons its up to you to decide which one is...
  12. Coming From a Tacoma...Should I be Worried

    Yes it is. I made my own steel brackets to mount on frame under the plastic factory bumper.
  13. Coming From a Tacoma...Should I be Worried

    Don't read too much into it. It is more likely for people to trash a random make of vehicle than praise it. A person can have many good experiences with a vehicle and say nothing BUT one bad experience and the thing is shit. I have had little to no problems over the years with any Jeep products...
  14. 2020 JL Pumkin with 190miles

    Buy it, life's too short to put it off. Just buy it, life is too short to put it off! My Punk'in beauty had 28 miles on it bran new on the lot.
  15. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    I operate a wide range of heavy equipment tractors, graders, dump trucks, semi's all diesels and none of which are fun to deal with in sub zero temps.
  16. Car/Jeep Swap

    No way in hell would I do that. Go test drive a 911 and leave your Jeep locked in lot. I'm pretty attached to my Jeep though. Jmho
  17. 2.0T eTorque is going to be used by Maserati

    This would explain why I recently beat a ford f150 ecoboost pickup in a quarter mile, smoked him with my 2.0T 4 door rubi AND I'm rolling on 35's which should have slowed me down. He's pissed but it put a smile on my face. :like:
  18. JL Sport S 6 Speed Manual 3.6 or 8 speed Auto 2.0????

    I think you answered your own question by saying you love manuals. Buy what makes you happy. For me it was the 2.0T with auto the motor and tranny work together perfectly like a smooth well oiled machine and the little shit is fast!! Drive one before you make your mind up.
  19. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    Zero regrets. Diesels in Iowa winter are a PITA I will never own one. My 2.0T has more power than expected plus great mpg.