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  1. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    This should be good.
  2. Synergy Stabiilzer Relocation Stud

    Do these Teraflex torque settings of 200 and 205 look correct? I thought 52ft + 115 degrees was a stock spec around 110ft lbs
  3. Synergy Stabiilzer Relocation Stud

    I have the Teraflex Alpine IF front track bar for my JL (not installed yet). The instructions say to torque the axle bolt to 52ft lbs + 155 degrees (says 200ft lbs). I emailed Synergy and they say the stud for the steering stabilizer (this replaces the track bar axle bolt) should not go over...
  4. 2021 willys with stock 32 inch with lift kit?

    Might have just been camera angle in that 1st pic.
  5. Getting rid of that moth ball smell

    "THE BEAST" Don't worry. Seinfeld couldn't get rid of it either.
  6. 2021 willys with stock 32 inch with lift kit?

    Rear axle looks shoved forward?
  7. New Jersey 5 Factory OEM rims/tires from 2020 JL

    My garage smells like a tire factory. Please buy!!!
  8. New Jersey JL Mopar Tubular Side Steps 2 door

    Boxed up and ready to go.
  9. EcoDiesel vs Pentastar

    I like the smell of regular gas better!!!!!
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I ordered more parts :(
  11. Riding comfortness 2 door JL sport vs 4 door JLU sport

    Have you tried lower PSI yet? Also what options are different between the 2 as far as weight?
  12. Alloy vs. Steel bumpers

    Holy Necro Batman!!
  13. How good (or bad) is this price?

    Never said anything was a "crazy prospect" Just giving him some advice. Obviously it hit a nerve with you.
  14. How good (or bad) is this price?

    That didn't take long. LOL
  15. How good (or bad) is this price?

    If you are not in a rush then shop around. In the meantime do more research on models/colors/options because sometimes you find something you didn't think about. Also I would take the prices people say they get on their vehicles with a grain of salt. Everybody always gets the "great deal"...
  16. Now I’m worried

    If everybody was scared about buying a vehicle because of a few issues then no cars would ever be sold. Buy what you want.
  17. 2021 Sport - Engine Issues

    What are they?
  18. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    Cell phone holder = accident waiting to happen.
  19. Power steps really worth it?

    Unless somebody is physically disabled there is no reason to spend this much money on those unless you have money to burn. Bottom line. There are other options.