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  1. Veterans Day

    Home of the free, Because of the brave. I am not a veteran but I do have a son that after graduating college felt his true calling was to serve this great country of ours. So thank you to all.....
  2. My speaker started making static noises when I go over bumps. Help?

    You could try polyfill to fill in the cavity to see if it helps.
  3. Am I the odd person out for wanting/preferring a soft top?

    Don't leave anything of value in it and don't lock your doors.
  4. Backup Camera random black screen

    First time?? Just wait....I have had it about 5-6 times...
  5. Vehicle broken into...

    May I recommend this?? I keep all my personal crap locked up in it and my doors unlocked.
  6. Heat in winter in north east

    Heat will melt the skin off the bone...I'm in PA and have had a soft top for over 15 years. Never cold.
  7. Paint bubbling issues, dealer runaround...

    I would contact Jeep and tell them how you are being treated....
  8. Android Auto / Apple Carplay

    Well it kind of did fix it since after you got it it made you look at the phone settings....
  9. UConnect screen wear

    Are you Edward Scissorhands??
  10. Cracked Windshield Club

    Well I made the mistake of putting on my defroster this morning while driving to work. Heard a noise and there it was. A giant crack. No other vehicles around either....
  11. Android Auto / Apple Carplay

    I was using an Anker cable and that was giving me the issue. As far as resetting the radio try pulling fuse 97.
  12. Android Auto / Apple Carplay
  13. Android Auto / Apple Carplay

    These radios are susceptible to any issue with a cable. I tried 3 till someone on this forum recommended MOS cables. Once I used it, have had no problems since. That is the route I would take. You could also try to reset the radio back to factory...
  14. Android Auto / Apple Carplay

    I had the same issue with my Pixel. It ended up being my cable was bad. Bought a MOS USB C cable and has worked every time.
  15. Uconnect update for 8.4 TSB 08-001-19

    Do you notice a difference with the new software??
  16. Adding a home/Jeep XM radio

    I would try to move it to the space right in front of the windshield and behind the wipers. You can then feed the antennae wire through the hood and either passenger or drivers side firewall. I did this with my JK and it got great reception.
  17. lights

    Not to be a dick but did you try to turn them off by pushing the lens up as notated in the manual??