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  1. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    It goes in series with the plus terminal on the tweeter.
  2. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    The capacitor limits the low frequency sent to your tweeter. Careful with volume without it, could blow the tweeter.
  3. Midland MXT400 MicroMobile Two-way radio are on sale for 20% off.

    I’ve been checking sites but have not found some definitive antenna mount info. Is there a nice bracket out there that doesn’t require drilling? Here on Maui drilling is a sure fire rust problem.
  4. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    B&W is good stuff. I suspect the car to car comparisons are very dependent on the cabin details and the manufacturers commitment to the system. I'm sure some do a better job of execution than others. Hence the variation of same brand amongst various vehicles. Great observations.
  5. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    I didn't pay any attention to speaker count but I imagine under the covers are a midwoofer and a very small tweeter. As for Bose, I've never actually been a Bose fan, I just knew ordering the upgrade in my ZR2 was going to be better than the base system and I didn't want to do an upgrade myself...
  6. Suspension question

    Bad shock absorber? How about suspension bushings. Get a flashlight and look for a leaky shock, damaged bushings etc.
  7. wiper blades short life

    Here on Maui I'm lucky to get a year. For Christmas I throw in a set for each of my daughters cars from "Santa" so they get new ones at least once a year. I HATE NOISY WIPER BLADES. Sorry for yelling, it's just my thing.
  8. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    I have the Bose upgrade in my Colorado ZR2. It sounds a little better than the Alpine 8.4 in my 21 JLR. I think this is mostly because the ZR2 cabin is a better, quieter, larger space for speakers. To get a worse space for high fidelity than a Wrangler is pretty hard, maybe a 55 gallon drum! The...
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I installed my Mopar tailgate table.
  10. New JL owner

    Sarge Green stick here too!! Welcome!
  11. 2021 Alpine Sound System Quality?

    A Jeep is about the worst place to expect audiophile sound in the world, especially a 2 door. I put a system in my 97 TJ that, for the year, really worked well but it still was challenging to get any decent sound. My 21 2 door JLR has the Alpine upgrade. I think they did a great job with what...
  12. Four Wires next to the battery

    Exactly, I like the idea of one of my AUX switches energizing the winch through the Warn solenoid, No hot wire out front all the time. Wyobob44, I see you have the dual battery setup, how do you like it? Install looks very clean. My initial impression looking under my hood is that no way two...
  13. Four Wires next to the battery

    Very handy, don’t have to get into the harness, I hate altering a stock harness with a passion. Thank you
  14. Four Wires next to the battery

    Awesome, just the right place for my upcoming winch relay and extra front lights. I was under the impression the wires were behind the glove box, this is better.
  15. Four Wires next to the battery

    2021 JLR I just noticed four wire ends near the battery between the battery and the fender, could these be from the AUX switches? There is a little bundle of wire loomed up with them.
  16. Texas Rubicon Steel Bumpers

    Do I have this right? It's a stock steel bumper for a Rubicon?
  17. Is it too much to ask?

    Mine was unwrapped in Portland, given the inspection, the defect is hard to see but it's like the sticker re-formed the window. , driven to Tacoma, placed on a boat, shipped to Oahu and shipped again to Maui, all with only 1 problem. The shipper placed a sticker on the driver side side window...
  18. Darn cordless screwdrivers!

    Finally got my Hawaii plates today. Went to install and the dealer that installed the original stuff put the self tapping screws in with a cordless screwdriver into the plastic bumper cover, pretty much stripped them out. I'm not concerned with the front since my LOD stubby is on the way. On the...